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Monday, Dec 5, 2022

Sex Panther: The internal condom

Do you know what an internal condom is? I didn’t until a friend recently brought it up, referring to it as a “sex toy,” prompting me to learn more about it and try it for myself. Here’s a quick overview of the internal condom:

  1. It is a non-latex condom you can use in an anus or vagina

  2. It protects from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy

  3. It is larger than an external condom (the kind that goes onto a penis or sex toy) and therefore protects the skin around the vaginal opening or anus

I wasn’t sure exactly how it worked, so I practiced putting it on myself before I tried it with a toy or partner, since most of the time when a condom breaks it’s because of user error, not the condom itself.

It was admittedly a bit harder to insert than I was expecting, but it was fun! And once I got it in place, it felt secure. I loved that it offered more surface area coverage than an external condom, and, as a result, I felt sexier with my partner because I was extra confident that I was protected from STIs.

I also really liked the feeling of the material. It was silky and warmed up to my body, sort of like the Trojan “Bareskin” external condom. It is also completely covered in lube, which made things slippery and sexy and meant I didn’t have to get up to grab a bottle of lube. Fun fact: people with vulvas are way more likely to orgasm if lube is used!

The only thing that was wack was the noise factor: when I was using the condom, it made sort of a crinkly sound. But then again, it’s pretty normal for sex to be loud. Next time, I’ll just turn on some music.

Overall, I’m stoked that I have another barrier method in my repertoire! A lot of people think that the external condom is the only form of protection one needs, and while it’s a great option, that doesn’t mean it should be the only one. I encourage other folks to try it out if you’re interested. Do a little research and you will find tons of fun things about it. For example, you can insert the condom up to eight hours before sexual contact, meaning that with a little foresight you can be lubed up and ready to go well beforehand.

Some insertion tips for folks who want to try it out: do not use the inner ring if you are inserting it into an anus, and make sure the inner ring is secured against your cervix if inserting into a vagina. Make sure it’s really up there and maybe even give it a tug to make sure it’s in place. Then, the most important part is to hold it in place while you are inserting whatever you are inserting — and have fun with it!

Stay safe and stay lubey,

The Sex Panther