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Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Siefer’s Scoop Episode #3: Gianna Palli ’23.5, Women’s Basketball

Gianna Palli ’23.5, a member of the women’s basketball squad, is featured on the podcast this week. In this episode, we ask Gianna about the pandemic’s effect on  the women’s basketball season. What has the team been doing to stay in shape this fall? What’s the best-case scenario for this semester? What might the winter season look like? Also, we talk about her first season in the Panther uniform which came to a grinding halt after six games due to an injury. We discuss this injury and her decision to take a gap semester and save a year of eligibility. Finally, we end the episode by exploring her athletic upbringing, her college recruitment process and the goals she has set for herself at Middlebury.

Blaise Siefer

Blaise Siefer ‘23 is the Senior Sports Editor.

Siefer is majoring in Sociology and plans to minor in Spanish.

Now in his third year writing for The Campus, Siefer has covered  several varsity teams and has written numerous feature stories for the  sports section. Last year, he began to host and produce a sports  podcast, Siefer's Scoop, which he will continue to run throughout the  '21-22 academic year. The podcast tells the stories of Middlebury's  varsity athletes, both past and present.

Siefer is also the co-president of Middlebury Club Soccer.