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Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024

Hanley Hits 1,000 Point Milestone

Author: David Lindholm

Junior Kristin Hanley has become the eighth player in Middlebury College basketball history to surpass the 1,000-point milestone. In Friday night's 57-43 loss to Bowdoin, Hanley sunk a baseline jumper that put her over the mark. Her shooting skills and strength on the boards have made Hanley only the third player in Middlebury history with over 1,000 points and 500 rebounds.

Hanley was especially modest about her milestone, and was initially "embarrassed" when her achievement was announced over the loudspeaker to the crowd in Pepin Gymnasium. "I feel good about [the achievement]," she said. "It's a pretty cool accomplishment."

Despite her point-scoring totals, Hanley has noticed a huge difference in the way she is defended by opposing teams this year. "It's much harder to score," she says, as every team knows to look out for her. But Hanley's unselfish play when being double and triple-teamed has freed up teammates and is certainly a part of the team's 13-4 record.

Only two-thirds of the way through the season, Hanley is certain to continue to rake in the points in a very sucessful Panther season. The veteran has another year to add to her account and is looking to add a title to her resume.