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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

IM Football Headed in New Direction

Author: Matt Waxman Staff Writer

As the leaf peepers slipped out from the covering of the woods, trading in their bifocals for front row seats at the Intramural (IM) football games, the general consensus was that while the leaves will reattain their majestic colors next fall, an IM football season, like this one, is not to be expected in the coming years. As week three wrapped up, we were reminded that the more the leaves change, the more things stay the same in the IM football standings.

Pod-Wall, led by stalwart captain, David Reisman, '04, continued their flawless season, nipping ABC, 27-20, to remain the league's only unbeaten team. The Dungeon, meanwhile, kept a firm lock on the cellar by dropping another key conference game, this time to Angry Peter. Replied Dungeon Captain Nolan Weltchek, '05, "There's got to be worse teams out there, we just can't find them."

The biggest news of the week had to be the impressive play of upstart team New Direction who shocked the defending champions Super Tuanis, 41-25. Quarterback Dave Coratti '04 was continually able to pick up the complex blitz packages thrown at him by the Tuanis defenders, deftly finding the open man over the middle. WR "Obi- won" Ben Tobey, '04, picked up a career high 104 receiving yards on seven catches and was named the game's Most Valuable Player. Said Tuanis lineman, Nat Kellogg, '01.5 after the game, "I think a loss was great for us. We were already designing our Super Bowl rings and we're only in week three. This was just what the medic ordered."

In other league action, Team Monastery was able to upset Angry Peter 47-33. Angry Peter captain, Mike D'Angelo '04, explained that his team was "frustrated but not angry" at their inability to pick up the Monastery's silent audible system and vowed to return next week with a new game plan.

In other league notables, Tuanis was forced to dip into the well, signing Jake "Been Pukin" Mnookin, '01.5, to a 10-day contract. Mnookin, in his debut's first series was burned for a 48-yard strike and was seen shaking his head and muttering "Bugs, bugs, bugs" as he waddled off to the sideline. When asked what he told Mnookin, Davis replied violently, "Wax off," and quickly fell into a soft slumber.

As the second half of the season approaches, the league's 12 teams jockey for playoff positions. As the temperatures dip into the twenties, look for teams with strong running games and ball control offenses to play a factor late in the season.

Commissioner Max Moyer ' 01.5 also explained that a new playoff system has been devised that involves byes "and maybe some barbecuing," in an attempt to give more people a taste of playoff football. "In the end," Moyer explained, "what IM football comes down to is reinforcing some old friendships with some old friends."