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Sunday, Jan 16, 2022


The Setonian

The skinniest college in America

About a month ago, Quinn Boyle '21 decided to take a medical leave from Middlebury mid-semester to seek treatment for my bulimia nervosa. She found that the college was "too blinded by liability to evaluate what is in a student's best interest."

The Setonian

HELP: Opioid Education Program

A man and a woman were found in a car. Eyes closed. Bodies slumped. Heads limp against their seat rests. Mouths wide open. The woman’s skin has a bluish hue. And in the backseat, there’s a little boy in a dinosaur shirt, fully awake, only four years old. Photos of this family, published on the Facebook ...

The Setonian

Governor’s Budget Slashes Disability Aid

MONTPELIER – During his inaugural address, Republican Governor Phil Scott outlined his administration’s key priorities: growing the economy, making Vermont more affordable and, above all, protecting the most vulnerable in the state. Yet, Gov. Phil Scott’s budget proposal for the 2019 fiscal year ...

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