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Tuesday, Aug 9, 2022

Jordan Seman

The Setonian

A Letter on Yik Yak Harassment

Dear Middlebury community, Last spring, a friend encouraged me to download the app Yik Yak. “It’s like an anonymous twitter for Midd people, it’s hilarious,” she said.  I hadn’t spent much time reading it, until one day at lunch when I scrolled through the message board and saw: “If I could ...

The Setonian

Panel Challenges the Future of Food Sector

The College’s focus on local and sustainable food continues this month with “Eating Forward,” a campaign organized by Olivia French ’14 and Jake Nonweiler ’14. The series, which runs through October, features environmentalists in various areas of the American food industry, including farmers, ...

The Setonian

Faculty Divided on In-Class Laptop Use

E-books, online textbooks and computer-based note-taking programs are growing in number and popularity, but faculty at the College remain divided over the use of computers in classrooms, opting for course-by-course policies instead of department-wide regulations. While a lack of cohesion among professors’ ...

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