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Sunday, Jan 16, 2022

Finne Murphy

Arts & Culture

New England Review Celebrates 40 Years

When I arrive, it is tea time. “It’s mango black tea,” Carolyn Kuebler ’90 says. She offers me local honey before leading me back to her office. The surprisingly sunny day lends the office a brighter mood than one might imagine of a literary magazine. Her desk is strewn with papers, notes and ...

Arts & Culture

MDC Takes the Stage for ZooDystopia

At 4:30 p.m. on a Wednesday, Proctor Lounge is not exactly a raucous venue. I was sitting in my usual manner — quiet repose and decided neutrality — as I waited to speak with Shannon Gibbs ’18. When she arrived, joined by Greg Swartz ’17.5, the atmosphere of the room shifted. A few minutes later, ...

Arts & Culture

College Alumna Publishes Fantasy Novel

One need not look far for snowscapes and subzero temperatures when living in Vermont, but the atmospheric world of a new novel by alumna Katherine Arden ’11 offers some consolation: there are colder places to be. Arden’s novel, “The Bear and the Nightingale” hit shelves early January, and this ...

Arts & Culture

Student Pens Play about Media and Love

Chronic Blush, a play written by and starring Cole Merrill ’19, will be running in the Hepburn Zoo on Jan. 28 – 30. It will be directed by Eliza Renner ’18 and also stars Victoria Isquith ’19, Sam Martin ’19, Madeleine Russell ’19, as well as a handful of voice actors. The crew includes ...

Arts & Culture

Talley’s Folly Considers Love and Fear

Just before the doors of the Hepburn Zoo closed, a well-dressed and jovial man strode onto the stage to greet the audience. The man — Matt Friedman, played by August Rosenthal ’17 — pointed out the exits and informed us that the show would run for precisely 97 minutes. He went on to introduce ...

Arts & Culture

Novel by Alum Discusses Sexual Assault

It is rare to find a story so relevant that it feels like it takes place on your college campus. It is rarer to find a story so relevant that makes you realize it does. One such story is found in Wrecked, the latest novel by Maria Padian ’83. Padian, who lives in Brunswick, Maine, is also the author ...

Arts & Culture

Cocoon Storytellers Share Revelations

I would consider myself a pretty punctual person, but when I arrived at the Robinson Concert Hall for the fourth annual Cocoon, the seats were already brimming to capacity. Only after climbing to the balcony did I manage to find a place to hear the six stories that would enchant and move me that night. Three ...

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