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Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023



Cultivating change: Working to build a community where everyone feels safe

In the summer of 2020, Middlebury students, alumni and activists rallied together in support of Black Lives Matter and formed a coalition to work towards dismantling oppressive structures on our campus. The students forming this coalition came together from a number of groups including Concerned Students ...

The Setonian

We need tangible, intentional solutions to housing

As a residential college in which 95% of students supposedly live on campus, Middlebury states that their “residential system embodies that culture of living, learning, and growing together.” The close-knit, intimate housing community on campus is widely touted as one of the hallmarks of student ...


Notes from the Desk: 272 Pages

We returned to printing last September. I sat down to do the math recently, and figured out that during my tenure as the Editor in Chief, I’ve overseen 272 pages across 24 print issues of the paper. 


Involuntary Unpaid Labor is Unfair Labor

As part of the Twilight Project’s “Archives of Anti-Racist Activism” Project, which studies the history of student anti-racist initiatives and manifestations of systemic racism at Middlebury, I looked at The Middlebury Campus’s archives. I found that not only has student advocacy for compensation ...


Unpacking the stats on happiness

Around the midway point of the 2022 Zeitgeist survey, our 1,134 respondents encountered a rather blunt question: “Are you happy?”, with only “yes” or “no” answer options. While we acknowledge how this binary greatly oversimplifies this inquiry, we were curious as to how Middlebury students ...


Notes from the Desk: Is it time to reconsider our mascot?

While I love the iconic panther statue and #rollpants as much as the next Midd Kid, I can’t help but wonder why a school in rural Vermont has a black panther, which has never roamed the area, for a mascot. We’re among 33 colleges with this mascot, and the panther is the fourth most popular college ...

The Setonian

Arab Reflections with Maryait: Mabrouk

…or Mabrouk a thousand times. Or even a million times. In English the word is translated to congratulations. It is one of the expressions that we use frequently in the Arab world. We can say it to congratulate friends and loved ones on happy occasions, whether small or big. For example, marriage, ...

The Setonian

“We Keep Us Safe”: Reflections on Patrisse Cullors’ visit

It goes without saying that “Black Lives Matter” has become a household term. The founders of the movement, however — Patrisse Cullors among them — are much less widely known. When I received a promotional email from the Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) that Cullors would be giving ...


Raymond Diaz ’23 for SGA President

The Editorial Board of The Campus is proud and excited to endorse Raymond Diaz ’23 for Student Government Association (SGA) president for the 2022–23 academic year. Diaz, who plans to appoint Evelyn Magdaleno ’24 as his vice president, boasts an impressive background of campus leadership positions ...

The Setonian

Ending Endemic Pay Inequities

With luck, as a community we’re moving to an ‘endemic’ phase of Covid-19. As a community though, it’s time again to recognize the many endemic problems staff face at our institution, and talk about taking one or two off the plate before we add another.


(Academic) conversations with friends

Since coming back from spring break, a lot of my conversations with friends and acquaintances have revealed new interests and values about people I either know well or have been getting to know. Hearing about museums people have gone to, trips they’ve gone on, and ways they’ve spent their time at ...

The Setonian

Arabic Reflections with Maryait: God give you health

I will never forget the face of my Moroccan teacher when I entered his class and said to him, ‘Ya‘tik al-‘afiya.’ This expression is a key for everyone who visits the Levant, the Arab Gulf, and Egypt — we use it in all contexts for literally everything.