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Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023


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SGA announces winners of first-year and senior senator races

The Student Government Association (SGA) held elections for the First-Year Senator and Senior Senator positions on Oct. 11 and 12. The new First-Year Senators are Kaveh Abu Khaleel ’26 and Nikita Rodov ’26. Florian Knollman ’23 and Hieu Nguyen ’23 won the senior senator positions in an uncontested ...

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In memory of Jeff Cason

Respected professor, provost and community member, Jeffrey (Jeff) Cason, passed away last July, leaving an indelible impact personally and professionally on the Middlebury campus. 

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Middlebury School in Kazakhstan to launch spring 2023

A new Russian language study abroad program in Kazakhstan will begin next semester, a decision made in July of this year as the Middlebury School in Russia remains suspended indefinitely. Russian is one of the two official languages in Kazakhstan. 

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Middlebury Mountain Club to travel to Peru for Thanksgiving trip

The Middlebury Mountain Club (MMC) has organized a fully funded hiking trip to the renowned Santa Cruz trek in Peru over Thanksgiving Break as part of its efforts to increase involvement and accessibility. The trip will last four days as eight students, including two guides, backpack 30 miles through ...


Limited parking availability poses challenge to students on campus

With 2,790 students enrolled at Middlebury this fall, some have found it harder to secure parking spots on campus. While some students claim that this was due to the Department of Public Safety issuing too many permits, Public Safety says that the issue comes down to illegal parking by some students ...

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Scam alerts warn the college about phishing emails

The college has seen an increase in gift card scam emails that mostly target employees, according to  Chris Norris, Middlebury’s director of information security, risk and compliance, in his scam alert on Sept. 21. The alert was in response to 28 messages sent the same day from an ...