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Monday, Mar 4, 2024

Letter from Middlebury Faculty

Dear President Patton,

We the undersigned faculty respectfully request that you, as our president, cancel your introductory remarks at the Charles Murray event on Thursday.

Mr. Murray is, as you know, a discredited ideologue paid by the American Enterprise Institute to promote public policies targeting people of color, women and the poor. His work has employed a combination of eugenics and other pseudo-science that has time and time again shown to be based on false premises, inadequate research and erroneous conclusions. He is not an academic nor a “critically acclaimed” public scholar, but a well-funded phony. His research is an insult to the intellectual integrity of Middlebury College. To introduce him—even to critique his arguments—only lends legitimacy to his ideas as worth engaging with.

To be clear, this is not a case of disagreeing with the ideas of a fellow scholar. Rather, this is to recognize that this event was organized by a chapter of the American Enterprise Institute, is funded by the AEI, and that Mr. Murray has been peddling AEI propaganda as a “public scholar” since the 1990s. Let the AEI be responsible for explaining to the College and the wider community why they hosted someone whose scholarship has been thoroughly discredited and who denies the basic human dignity of members of our community.

Rather than lend legitimacy to this event, we respectfully request you stand up for a campus that is intellectually open and culturally diverse, but one that does not fall prey to the designs of external organizations who peddle partisan propaganda in the guise of “public scholarship.”


Tara Affolter, Assistant Professor, Education Studies

Holly Allen, Assistant Professor, American Studies

Molly Anderson, Professor, Food Studies

Dima Ayoub, Assistant Professor, Arabic

Mez Baker-Medard, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

Jim Berg, Visiting Assistant Professor, English and American Literatures

Sony Bolton, Postdoctoral Fellow in Spanish

Susan Burch, Professor, American Studies

Maggie Clinton, Assistant Professor, History

Carolyn Craven, Visiting Assistant Professor, Economics

Adam Dean, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Laurie Essig, Associate Professor, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Florence Feiereisen, Associate Professor, German

Irina Feldman, Assistant Professor, Spanish

J Finley, Assistant Professor, American Studies

Ellery Foutch, Assistant Professor, American Studies

Juana Gamero de Coca, Associate Professor, Spanish

Randall Ganiban, Professor, Classics

Eliza Garrison, Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture

Gloria Gonzalez-Zenteno, Associate Professor, Spanish

Roman Graf, Professor, German

Ben Graves, Visiting Instructor, English and American Literatures

William Hart, Associate Professor, History

Rachael Joo, Assistant Professor, American Studies

Antonia Losano, Professor, English and American Literatures

Joyce Mao, Associate Professor, History

Peter Matthews, Professor, Economics

Bettina Matthias, Professor, German

Tamar Mayer, Professor, Geography

Jamie McCallum, Assistant Professor, Sociology-Anthropology

Sujata Moorti, Professor, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Kevin Moss, Professor, Russian

Linus Owens, Associate Professor, Sociology-Anthropology

Nicholas Poppe, Assistant Professor, Spanish

William Poulin-Deltour, Associate Professor, French

Fernando Rocha, Associate Professor, Portuguese

Daniel Rodrigues-Navas, Postdoctoral Fellow, Philosophy

Marcos Rohena-Madrazo, Assistant Professor, Spanish

Patricia Saldarriaga, Professor, Spanish

Paula Schwartz, Professor, French

Michael Sheridan, Associate Professor, Sociology-Anthropology

Daniel Silva, Assistant Professor, Portuguese

Usama Soltan, Associate Professor, Arabic

John Spackman, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Carly Thomsen, Assistant Professor, Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies

Rebecca Tiger, Associate Professor, Sociology-Anthropology

Jacob Tropp, Professor, History

Ioana Uricaru, Assistant Professor, Film and Media Culture

Edward Vazquez, Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture

Hector Vila, Assistant Professor, Writing

Max Ward, Assistant Professor, History

Marion Wells, Associate Professor, English and American Literatures

Linda White, Associate Professor, Japanese

Carrie Wiebe, Professor, Chinese

Mark Williams, Professor, Political Science

Catharine Wright, Senior Lecturer, Writing-GSFS

Orian Zakai, Visiting Assistant Professor, Modern Hebrew

Patricia Zupan, Professor, Italian

Middlebury Faculty write in about Charles Murray’s 3/2 talk.