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Monday, Mar 4, 2024

Radio Roundup: New Year, New Favorites

Social Media Manager’s Pick – Matt Held ’26

Album: “Space Heavy” by King Krule

Genre: Alternative, post-punk, jazz-rock

Recommended If You Like [RIYL]: Dean Blunt, Tanukichan, Mac DeMarco

Blurb: “Space Heavy” is an album to drown in. The album creates a woozy, oozy, weary and dreary atmosphere that you can get lost in. The deep reverb and heavy synths appear throughout, creating a uniquely King Krule sound. The melancholic theme of “Space Heavy” is reflected in both its sound and lyrics. The whole album is just so smooth and pleasant to the ear. I highly recommend it on a rainy night.

Concert Director’s Pick – Addie Shandro ’26

Album: “Blood” by Kelsey Lu 

Genre: Electronic, classical, folk, alternative

RIYL: Sudan Archives, Jamila Woods, Caroline Polachek

Blurb: Kelsey Lu is magical, genre-less and transcendent. Their debut album, “Blood,” is one of my few true no-skip albums and heavily features their dreamy vocals and insane cello skills. “Due West” has to be one of my favorite songs, and “Poor Fake” is a whirlwind love story viewed through the lens of art forgery — a masterful move in my opinion. “Blood” is best experienced while walking to a cafe during a tumultuous time in one’s life, even more appropriate if you’re going to read something along the lines of “The Bell Jar” while wearing over-ear headphones.

Treasurer’s Pick – Jonah Landsman ’24 

Album: “Big Science” by Laurie Anderson

Genre: Art rock, electronic

RIYL:  Imogen Heap, Lou Reed, Kronos Quartet

Blurb: I’m a sucker for any sci-fi-infused music, and Laurie Anderson’s “Big Science” is pretty much the best you’re going to get. Start with “From the Air” and “Let X=X.” Then go back and listen all the way through. Do this while going on a walk and pretending to be a ’70s NASA engineer.

General Manager’s Pick – Natalie Penna ’24

Album: “Magnolia Electric Co.” by Songs: Ohia

Genre: Alt-country

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RIYL:  Bright Eyes, Wilco, Waxahatchee, Palace Music

Blurb: “The Magnolia Electric Co.” turned 20 last March, putting it momentarily back in the spotlight for good reason — this album is fantastic. Jason Molina’s lyricism is poetic and grim, achingly rather than punchily sad. The music itself is also somber and dark but still extremely listenable and well-produced. The album’s country and rock influences never feel like they’re fighting with each other. Though some tracks lean decidedly more towards country than others, everything feels cohesive and flows well without being same-y, which is a must (and also difficult!) for any album with multiple songs over five minutes in length. “The Magnolia Electric Co.” is best listened to on a gray January day after 4:30 p.m. preferably when you’re a little bit colder than you’d hoped to be.

Programming Manager’s Pick – Grace Augspurger ’25

Album: “She Wants Revenge” by She Wants Revenge

Genre: Goth rock

RIYL: Joy Division, Interpol, Hole

Blurb: Where Depeche Mode meets the Los Angeles rave scene, She Wants Revenge’s debut album is by far their best. It is said to be inspired by Peter Murphy, but I think it’s edgier than that. Featuring sexually charged lyrics with an intense electronic beat, this is music made by men about and for women. 

Library Manager’s Pick – Kyle Hooker ’24

Album: “flounder” by quinnie 

Genre: Indie pop/folk

RIYL: Leith Ross, Susannah Joffe

Blurb: I have been obsessively listening to “man,” which was released as a single in 2022 and is part of this 2023 album. The song is a perfect ballad that attacks the archetype of the softboy womanizer. I love the juxtaposition of soft, dreamy vocals and abundant profanity. 

Music Director’s Pick – Honor McFadden ’26

Album: “Sit Down for Dinner” by Blonde Redhead

Genre: Indie/alternative

RIYL: Melody’s Echo Chamber, Broadcast

Blurb: A dreamy album. “Sit Down for Dinner” is a treat to listen to with a lot of variety and particularly cool instrumentals. Lead vocalist Kazu Makino brings a unique sound to the album and creates a soft atmosphere to enjoy. The transition from “Sit Down for Dinner, Pt. 1” to “Pt. 2” is a must-listen, and “Kiss Her Kiss Her” is an all-time favorite of mine. 

Creative Director/Concert Manager’s Pick – Neel Shah ’26

Album: “Ways of Knowing” by Navy Blue

Genre: Rap

RIYL: MIKE, Earl Sweatshirt, being told it’s gonna be ok

Blurb: Incredibly clear-eyed, assured and confident raps from Navy Blue combined with truly inspired and unique production make “Ways of Knowing” my favorite album of last year. What I love about this album is the perspective that Navy Blue brings. The way he communicates his experiences is that of a wise older brother, and to me, the album is all about rolling with the punches and learning to move forward to find joy. The four-song run from “To Fall in Love” to “Kill Switch” is something I have consistently gone back to almost weekly since the album came out — it never gets old for me. It is an album that has been both a rock for me during tougher times and a perfect soundtrack to better ones, and I would recommend it to everyone.