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Thursday, Apr 18, 2024

Juice Amour serves up smoothies, vegan food in downtown Middlebury

Juice Amour, located at 16 Merchants' Row, has now been serving up smoothies and vegan food for a year and a half
Juice Amour, located at 16 Merchants' Row, has now been serving up smoothies and vegan food for a year and a half

On a hot spring day, following a workout or on a walk through town after class, Juice Amour is a go-to destination for both Middlebury students and town residents.  

Since moving locations from Route 7 South to 16 Merchants Row in October 2021, the juice bar has provided the town of Middlebury with many forms of healthy vegan options. 

Sheri Bedard and her father David Bedard co-own the business, and they pride themselves on ensuring the community has access to nutritious and delicious vegan food. 

“We have a strong belief in the health benefits of consuming vegan food and nutrient dense vegetable and fruit juices,” said Shawna Sherwin, a staff member of Juice Amour. “We also get our produce from local organic Vermont farmers, because of a principle of the company’s mission to make a minimal impact on the earth.”

Since its grand reopening in 2021, Juice Amour has been pleased with how business is going. The health benefits and sustainability Sherwin referred to are what make clients and customers continue to return to the store.

“One of the reasons I like Juice Amour is because they use organic and whole ingredients that are so tasty,” Josie Chun ’26 told The Campus. “Their smoothie and drink menu is very diverse from dates, coffee beans to celery.” 

The shop is most well-known for its smoothies and drinks. “Our smoothies provide you with the highest amount of nutritional value possible, and right now, our best selling smoothie is the Berry Monkey — strawberries, bananas, housemade cashew milk and apple juice,” Sherwin said.

Juice Amour’s smoothies are also made with their famous homemade cashew milk, which customers love. “A cool thing they do is make their nut milks from scratch, right at the shop,” Chun said. The milk is made directly in house with only locally sourced ingredients. 

Their juice cleanses have also gained popularity in the last year, with more clients embarking on their Juice Amour Vermont Cleanse. At Juice Amour, there are three levels of juice cleansing — beginner, intermediate and master. The juices served, as well as the amount of solid food that is provided with the juices, change from level to level. Sherwin said that the beginner cleanser is a great start for people, especially students, who have not done a juice cleanse yet and are unsure if they can go a day without solid food. 

The store’s juice cleanses also have different durations, including one-, three- and five-day cleanses, depending on how long the customer wants to cleanse. The Juice Amour team creates a specific schedule for clients allotting when they can drink their juice. Cleansing kits include a ginger and apple cider vinegar immunity shot to take in the mornings. Throughout the day, clients would then have nutrient-dense juices for each meal, such as a green machine drink for lunch or citrus-based juices to hydrate and purify the body before bed. They also include healthy salads in the kit for those who are new to juice cleansing to ease the transition from solid to all liquid. 

Besides juices, Juice Amour sells a variety of vegan food items out of their kitchen from apple nachos to crunchy chickpea caesar salad. They aim to reinvent the vegan stereotype that tends to scare many away, making it accessible for everyone.

“If you need to try one of the restaurant items, the sesame noodles are a favorite from the grab and go,” Sherwin said. 

Juice Amour also caters events, including weddings and office meetings. The shop has catered for the college at various events, such as legislative lunches with students at the Center for Community Engagement, and has provided smoothies for students on campus on a couple of occasions. 

The business also aligns with the college’s values in sustainability, and they are committed as much as possible to producing little waste, Sherwin said. 

“We have a $0.50 deposit return because each of our juices are always served in glass,” Sherwin said.

With all the items that Juice Amour has to offer, it may be intimidating to know where to start when going to the restaurant. When asked what is the item on the menu that she recommends the most, Sherwin responded, “The banana cream pie jar is to die for.” 

Located at 16 Merchants Row, Juice Amour is open Monday and Wednesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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