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Friday, Dec 8, 2023


My world exists in motion

Legs a swirl of movement, seeping into the wavering ground

Gripping air that shakes and eddies

Whirlpool lips and eyes


Here I feel a different existence

One tethered to stillness — to 

Open-mouth sharp, cool breath (gentle graze)

Of the wind is truly unmovable 


Where leaves live entire lifetimes 

In covering a floor 

Bark and tree stumps lost their velvet drapes 

But their eons exist in stable 

Idle, stalling, being 


Earth is arranged the way my brain is not

Our world is not — ours is curtains

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Closing and opening, beeping monitors, rolling 

Wheels, is metal conversations, clanking 

On their way down a running faucet or into a bed pan


Images running as fast as they can so

Colors don’t smear on a screen 

Demanding attention


This forest asks for none.