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Friday, Jun 21, 2024

News in Brief: Goucher College and Middlebury Language Schools announce 4+1 degree program

Middlebury Language Schools announced on Feb. 11 that they will partner with Goucher College in Baltimore to launch a 4+1 masters program, offering Goucher students the opportunity to pursue dual undergraduate and graduate degrees including a Master of Arts of Applied Languages in either French or Spanish.

The college called the new program, which is set to start this fall, a mission to “[strengthen] both institutions’ commitment to global education,'' in their announcement. Accepted students will study a chosen language during one or two summers in Vermont and an academic year in an abroad location related to their chosen language. 

In addition to their partnership with Middlebury, Goucher College works with other universities such as Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University Maryland to extend their network of abroad and language programs. This opportunity is offered to students with graduate-level language proficiency and encourages students to begin pursuing their graduate degree on the Vermont campus immediately after graduating Goucher College. Similar programs are available to Middlebury undergraduate students.

Steve Snyder, dean of the Language Schools and vice president for academic affairs at Middlebury, expressed enthusiasm for this new opportunity. 

“Goucher’s new 4+1 master’s program with Middlebury recognizes the extraordinary quality of the language and culture education offered by the Language Schools and Schools Abroad and highlights the opportunity — which has always been available to all Middlebury students — to extend and deepen the undergraduate experience with the most rigorous full-immersion graduate training available,” Snyder said in an email to The Campus.

Snyder is also excited that students will be able to connect with one other students from different educational, professional and personal backgrounds.