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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

WRMC Radio Roundup: Sounds of (the) Summer

Have your Spotify playlists become stale? Is your weekly mix just not cutting it? Maybe it’s time to branch out and listen to something new. The Executive Board of WRMC, Middlebury College’s radio station, has selected a wonderfully wide range of albums, spanning time and genre, for your listening pleasure. Check out these recommendations and let the sounds of summer carry you through the semester. 

*RIYL (recommended if you like)

General Manager’s Pick — Maddie Van Beek ’22.5

Album: “MOTOR FUNCTION” - binki

Genre: Indie Pop, Hip-Hop

RIYL: PawPaw Rod, JAWNY, austenyo, MICHELLE

Blurb: This four-track EP is the perfect soundtrack for the dog days of summer. It’s a short listen at only 10 minutes, and it’s filled to the brim with addictive choruses, magnetic basslines and the occasional break in tempo for a gloomy rap verse. If you were a fan of binki’s smash hit singles “Heybby!” and “Sea Sick,” you’ll love this EP.

Tech Director’s Pick — Dan Frazo ’23

Album: “Are You Ok?” - Wasuremono

Genre: Atmospheric Pop, Psychedelic, 

RIYL: Goth Babe, pizzagirl, Arlie, STRFKR

Blurb: “Are You Ok?” is the perfect album to listen to as you fall asleep in the sun. Put a drink in your hand, throw on some sunglasses, and let Wasuremono take you on a ride through the best parts of summer. Driven by steady, kindly mixed melodies, the English four-piece produces nothing if not easy listening. 

Concerts Manager’s Pick — Luke Robins ’23

Album: “a liquid breakfast” - AUDREY NUNA

Genre: Hip-Hop, Hyperpop

RIYL: 100 Gecs, Rico Nasty, Remi Wolf, Tkay Maidza

Blurb: Over-saturated beats, self-confidence to the extreme and funny lyrics. She can sing, she can rap and she can write lyrics like “Jibbitz out the Crocs ’cause get it? I’m mature now.” AUDREY NUNA’s first album is so fun — give it a listen.

Spring Programming Director’s Pick — Gennie Herron ’23

Album: “Solar Power” - Lorde

Genre: Alt-Pop, Acoustic

RIYL: Lorde, HAIM 

Blurb: At first I was skeptical of this new album. I liked the first two singles she released, but when I first listened to the album, I wasn’t totally vibing with it. However, after sitting down to really listen to it, I started to get in the groove. Plus, some of the songs like “The Path,” “Solar Power” and “Dominoes” just feel summery. You can feel the sun on your skin and wish you were breathing in salty sea air. If you feel down during the cold Vermont months, I would recommend turning back to “Solar Power.”    

Music Director’s Pick — Chad Kim ’23.5

Album: “Yol” - Altin Gün 

Genre: Turkish, Psych-Folk, Funk

RIYL: Kikagaku Moyo, Los Bitchos, Allah-Las, KGLW

Blurb: Going off to a distant land of eternal sunshine boogie? Well, “Yol” by Altin Gün will hypnotize you with its savory melodies and barrels of funk as you meander through the kingdom of the sun. This album demonstrates a collection of continuously evolving tracks that stay fresh in the heat and make watching and smiling at the sun all the more beguiling. 

Music Director’s Pick — Natalie Penna ’24

Album: “Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing” - The Wonder Years

Genre: Pop-Punk, Emo

RIYL: The Story So Far, Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck

Blurb: Though its 10th anniversary passed earlier this summer, “Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing” is a timeless album. It is packed with loud and catchy pop-punk anthems, constant callbacks to Allen Ginsberg’s America and lyrics so specific and personal that you can’t help but relate to them. Besides being fun to listen to, Suburbia is an exercise in nostalgia. If you want to drive around to songs about being young and stupid, or you have a complicated relationship with your hometown, this one’s for you.

Concerts Manager’s Pick — Yardena Carmi ’23

Album: “Little Things/Sparrow ” - Big Thief

Genre: Indie Rock, Folk Rock

RIYL: Sharon Van Etten, Alex G, Campdogzz

Blurb: Big Thief has recently begun putting out new songs for the first time since their hit 2019 album “Two Hands.” The EP’s opener “Little Things,” signals a new direction for the folk group. Over its light, synthy beat, lead singer Adrianne Lenker croons softly about obsessive infatuation. ” Second track “Sparrow,” on the other hand, is classic Big Thief — earthy and acoustic, with the band’s trademark cryptic lyrics and rootsy jamming. An exciting release from a group that’s already been making great stuff for years, the contemplative quality and emotional range of these two songs are perfect for late summer nights. 

Fall Programming Director’s Pick — Jose Morales ’22

Album: “Cinema” - The Marias 

Genre: Indie Pop

RIYL: No Vacation, Gus Dapperton, Boy Pablo, Her’s

Blurb: “CINEMA” is an album I returned to throughout the summer because it is smooth, relaxing and sweet. The album explores the fallout of a relationship, with tracks reflecting its various stages and emotions. The production and instrumentals are soft but carry depth, and Maria’s vocal performances create a warm and calming experience. “Un Million,” “Little by Little” and “Calling U Back” are some of my favorite tracks. I recommend this album if you're looking for an evening jam.

Lily Jones

Lily Jones ’23 is an online editor and senior writer.

She previously served as a Senior News Writer and SGA Correspondent.

Jones is double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. She  also is an intern for the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs and on the  ultimate frisbee team.