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Sunday, Jan 16, 2022

News In Brief: CCI announces “Midd Gigs” program, SGA reveals donation-matching campaign

CCI announces new “Midd Gigs” program 

The Center for Careers and Internships launched Midd Gigs, a new initiative empowering alumni to post short-term projects for Middlebury students and recent graduates. Students can join through their Midd2Midd profile — a module piloted by the center helping to connect students with alumni who can assist them with exploring careers and gaining professional networking skills. Midd Gigs, however, stands on its own as a distinct interim venture. 

“A Midd Gig is a 1–2 week professional assignment (paid or unpaid) similar to those given to interns and new hires. They allow you to build your project skills, explore different career paths, and network with our fabulous alumni,” read an all-student email announcing the program’s launch. 

Students may take on multiple projects if accepted, so long as they “can handle the workload and deliver high-quality work,” according to the Midd Gigs guidelines. Throughout the process, students can become familiar with a given industry, create networking opportunities, and strengthen their own leadership and management skills. Participants are expected to follow Middlebury community standards and relevant Covid-19 protocol for the duration of their projects. 

SGA reveals community donation matching campaign 

The Student Government Association (SGA), in collaboration with the Office of the President and the Office of Advancement, put into motion a community-wide initiative that would match student donations to five organizations committed to racial justice and equity. Last Wednesday, after a week-long nomination process, The SGA announced the five selected organizations: Black Lives Matter, The Innocence Project, Equal Justice Initiative, ACLU Vermont, and the Rutland Area NAACP. 

Until June 30th, donations from students, alumni, faculty and staff to one or more of the five organizations will be matched with a gift of up to $250 for each donor, with a total match limit of $25,000. Similar campaigns have taken shape at peer institutions such as Barnard, Bowdoin and Amherst colleges. 

The SGA solicited nominations for organizations dedicated to racial justice and equity in an all-student email sent on June 9. The five organizations were chosen from the pool of organizations put forward by students. In the selection process, the SGA prioritized organizations that received the most nominations, but also ensured a balance between local initiatives and national, global organization, according to the SGA’s Instagram account. 

The SGA launched the campaign in the wake of worldwide protests against police brutality following the murder of George Floyd on May 25th. The SGA has made clear their intentions to support the Black community at this time. “We know that bigotry, intolerance, and structural inequality will not be solved with a singular institutional action or a one-time donation,” read the email from the SGA. “We hope that this campaign is a step toward fostering a community that is committed to practicing anti-racism at Middlebury and beyond.”


Lily Laesch '23 is the Campus’s editorial director.

She previously served as an opinions editor and a layout editor.

Laesch is joint majoring in Geography and Political Science with a  minor in History, focusing specifically on foreign policy, border  relations, international migration flows, and immigration law.

Outside of the newsroom, Laesch plays on the women’s ultimate frisbee  team, dances with RIDDIM World Dance Troupe, and leads outdoor  orientation trips.