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Monday, Mar 4, 2024

Spencer Feinstein '20.5 in Peru, Vermont

I got super sick a couple of weeks ago so my very magnanimous friend, Cannon Gill '20, drove me to Porter Hospital where I was promptly quarantined for two days (one night) and tested for Covid-19. I was then moved from the ER to a college-owned house on Weybridge Street where I eagerly awaited my test results. A lovely (and might I add brave) CRD named Holly brought me meals from Proctor every day (three days total, if memory serves) until I got my test results back — negative, thank God!

Once I got my test results back, my godparents picked me up and drove me to their quaint little house in Peru, Vermont, where I've been ever since, recovering from what has ironically turned out to be something far worse (for me, at least) than coronavirus. My parents won't let me fly home; my dad just got major heart surgery and is (rightfully) worried about me coming home through airports and planes and cars and so on, spaces where I could pick up the virus.

What has been your greatest worry or day-to-day concern as coronavirus has spread?

I'm worried about my parents and grandparents getting sick. As we all know, they are much more vulnerable to Covid-19 than us youngsters are. I'm also worried (but mostly white-knuckled and bruxing in frustration), though, about insufficient political/govt. responses to this pandemic.

What has made you happy over the past few weeks?

Makeshift online communities (e.g. group chats, Twitter, Reddit), communing and sharing good content (e.g. thoughts, memes, movie, TV recommendations).

Submitted March 25, 2020.