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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Keith Chatinover ’22.5 in Edgartown, Massachusetts (Martha's Vineyard)

Keith Chatinover ’22.5

Edgartown, Massachusetts (Martha’s Vineyard)

Submitted March 25 and updated April 20, 2020

As some of you learned from my Campus op-ed, I am lucky enough to serve as an elected official here at home on Martha’s Vineyard. With the Covid-19 outbreak hitting Massachusetts as hard as it has, our board has been convening weekly to make sure we’re up to speed and getting the resources we require to weather this storm. Since I am frequently up at school for our meetings, I have long been a tele-communicator. Zoom may not be new for me, but it certainly is for my fellow commissioners, none of whom are under 60 years old. 

Seeing the other commissioners adjust to the virtual platform in the midst of such an unprecedented crisis, I am reminded of a John Mulaney skit — I can’t help but laugh sometimes at the changed pace at which we are all now working, and how ridiculous it can feel to wait to be called on over Zoom. But this situation is far too critical for democracy to be suspended, unruly technology notwithstanding. To the contrary, it’s never been more important.

What has been your greatest worry or day-to-day concern as coronavirus has spread? 

Tourists coming to Martha’s Vineyard and using up resources that we don't have, including our limited medical and food supplies.

What has made you happy over the past few weeks?

Randomly texting a couple of my contacts every day, and just saying “hi” and having conversations, some with people I talk to every day at school and others with whom I haven't spoken in years. Recently, I’ve been running on the treadmill instead of my usual swim workouts and I pass the exhausting minutes on FaceTime, just catching up with a few of those friends every time.