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Monday, Apr 15, 2024

Cook Commons Dean Ian Sutherland departs mid-year

Students in Cook Commons received an email on the morning of Jan. 16 announcing the departure of Dean Ian Sutherland. Sutherland joined the college in 2010 and also served as an assistant professor of Classics. 

The Campus reached out to Sutherland for comment, but he said he is not at liberty to discuss his situation.

In the absence of a dean, Senior Associate Dean of Students Derek Doucet and Vice President of Student Affairs Baishakhi Taylor will serve together as an interim dean for students in Cook Commons.

“Transitions can be hard and we stay committed to doing our best and minimize impact on students,” Taylor said.

“My single biggest priority at this point is ensuring that they, along with all Cook students, continue to receive all the guidance and support they need to thrive here. That’s where I’m focusing my energy,” Doucet said.

The college has begun the search for Sutherland’s replacement. Doucet hopes to fill the role as quickly as possible, while simultaneously ensuring that they find a good and qualified replacement. They are considering both internal and external options. During this transitional period, the responsibility for Cook students will be shared, and students will not be redistributed. 

Commons Residents Director Patrick Dayton is working with Doucet and Taylor to guarantee a smooth transition. Dayton feels confident in their ability to provide continual support for Cook students.

Doucet, Dayton and Taylor would not comment on the circumstances of Sutherland’s departure, citing confidentiality concerns.