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Monday, Jun 24, 2024

We Need Your Help to Report on College Mental Health Services

Let’s be honest: sometimes this paper doesn’t do a good job. 

In the nearly four years I have been a member of The Campus, I have interacted with hundreds of members of our community. During the course of reporting, conversations often drift to unrelated topics. Sometimes, those nuggets of information become stories. Other times, they remain nuggets. 

Time and time again, I, and members of our staff, have heard stories about the lack of adequate mental health services on campus. This paper has failed to seriously report on this issue in a meaningful way. For instance, we received this anonymous message via our website:

“I really, really think you guys should do a story about the lack of counselors at Parton. It is so difficult to get an appointment. Even though I have a counselor, it’s sometimes impossible to get an appointment with them; counselors with such a heavy load can’t guarantee continuity of care for all of their patients. There are no counselors of color either. … Parton needs to hire more counselors to accommodate demand for counseling services. I know lots of people (my counselor included) who feel strongly that Parton needs more counselors. Especially a non- white counselor.” 

Since the new year, reporting on this issue has been our top priority. We still need your help. We want to hear your stories, experiences, concerns and ideas for the future. This is a tremendous ask, and one we do not take lightly. Of course, we understand why people may be hesitant to share their experiences regarding this particular topic. That being said, there are several ways you can engage with us that offer different levels of anonymity. If you would like to share your story with us, here is how you can do it: 

Talk to Us On Background

This means we can tell your story in full, but we will not attribute it to you. For example, if you told us about your experiences, we would write something like: “said a person who wished to remain anonymous due to the personal nature of the story.” Though I and at least one other editor must know who you are, we will not share your identity with anyone else.

 Talk to Us On the Record 

We can tell your story in full and attribute it to you.

Talk to Us Off the Record

You tell us your story, but we will not publish it unless you give us permission.

Submit A Tip

When submitting a tip, you can decide whether to include your name and contact information. However, without a name or contact information, we won’t be able to follow-up and ask questions. If you submit a tip and include your name and contact information, we will not publish anything without consulting you first. 

How to Get in Touch

Fill out the form at Or email me at Or, if you feel so inclined, reach us the old-fashioned way via campus mail: The Middlebury Campus, Drawer 30.

Note: A version of this article ran in the Dec.  6 issue of The Campus. We are still gathering information for a future story.