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Thursday, Jun 20, 2024

Young People: You Should Care, Too

It is clear that youth engagement in government and politics is more important than ever. 

From the excitement and commotion of campaigns to the details of policy-making, young people are becoming more willing to campaign for candidates they care about, advocate for policies that make communities stronger, and vote. It is critical, especially now, to care about the results of the upcoming midterms. 

Why should you care? Because the vast majority of elected officials don’t have the same personal connection to many of the issues that matter most. They’re done paying their student loan debt, they won’t have to live in a world ravaged by climate change, they won’t have to drink the water we pollute, they don’t have to go to underfunded and underperforming schools. Even if your elected officials agree with you on these issues and many more, make sure your voice is heard and that our government understands that the policies they enact will determine our futures. 

Throughout recent history, youth turnout has been disproportionately low. This election we can change that. By voting, you can send a message that our future matters. This election we can ensure that our leaders hear our voices. We can hold accountable those who voted against our interests. 

On Nov. 6, let’s disprove the conventional wisdom that midterms are always dominated by older voters. Your vote is your voice, and your voice should be as important to candidates as anyone else’s.

Editor’s Note: Ethan Sonneborn is a freshman at Mt. Abraham Union High School in Bristol. He ran for governor in June’s Democratic primary.