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Friday, Mar 24, 2023

E-lot Student Parking Eliminated

All student parking spaces have been eliminated from E-lot, the parking area behind Wright Memorial Theater, Allen Hall and Atwater Dining.

Much of the parking lot had previously been reserved for junior and senior students, as shown in the map below. However, the construction of a temporary academic building, begun earlier this summer, caused the elimination of all parking spaces behind Wright Theater. The portion of the lot behind Allen Hall is now exclusively reserved for faculty and staff, with the exception of commuter and handicapped spaces. 

Middlebury Department of Public Safety
E-lot prior to construction (pictured) had been comprised mostly of student parking.

There were 115 student parking spaces in E-lot prior to construction.

"We believe that between the CFA and Ridgeline parking areas there is ample student parking on campus, though we understand that for some this will result in a longer walk to their car," said Bill Burger, the college's vice president for communications and chief marketing officer, in response to an inquiry from The Campus. 

Though the tennis courts adjacent to E-lot were demolished to make way for more parking, there will be a net loss of 20 spaces by the end of construction. 

Will DiGravio
Construction of a temporary building in E Lot, behind Wright Memorial Theater is underway.

Burger said the college will reassess the use of E-Lot in late fall or early winter. He did not say whether student spaces would be reinstated. 

"It is possible, but by no means assured, that this may lead to the re-designation of some spaces in E-Lot or elsewhere," Burger said.