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Friday, Mar 24, 2023

E-lot: College likely to restore some student parking; adds more spaces elsewhere

Thirty-three student parking spaces will likely be added to E-lot once construction of the area is complete, a college official told The Campus.

The college's announcement came two days after The Campus published an article detailing the elimination of all 115 student parking spaces in E-lot, the area behind Wright Memorial Theater, Allen Hall and Atwater Dining. Bill Burger, vice president for communications and chief marketing officer, initially said the college would reassess the use of the lot at the end of the fall semester and could not guarantee that student parking would be reinstated.

Middlebury Department of Public Safety
E-lot had been comprised mostly of student parking.

On Monday, however, Burger said student spaces will most likely be restored once construction on the northeast side of E-lot is complete around September 12.

To compensate for lost student parking, Public Safety has also now designated 65 additional parking spaces for juniors and seniors: 46 in the lot behind the Mahaney Center for the Arts (Q-lot) and 19 near the Ridgeline Residential Complex (R-lot).

Burger also said there were 30 junior/senior parking spaces in R-lot that "were not utilized by students last year." He said that between those 30 spaces, the 65 additional spaces, and the 33 likely to be added to E-lot, the college views the changes as a net gain of 13 spaces.

The north side of E-lot will be home to temporary offices. The building is expected to open in the fall of 2019.