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Monday, Feb 26, 2024

Harrison Ford Comes to Campus; Is as Cool as You Think

*Insert cheesy Star Wars lede here*

Harrison Ford visited Middlebury College last month!

The actor best known for playing Han Solo in Star Wars and the titular role in the Indiana Jones series took a tour with his son, who is a prospective student. By all accounts, he was kind and gracious, pausing for many pictures and even holding the door open for his entire tour group as they made their way through Axinn. This makes him more polite than most Middlebury students (JK).

When I texted CeCe Wheeler '19 and asked her for a picture, she replied, "I'm still shaking."

"And I would like to add the wet marks on his shirt are from a wet umbrella," she said. "Harrison Ford doesn't break a sweat."

Will DiGravio is editor in chief.