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Monday, May 20, 2024

A Change to Features

I am writing to inform the readers of an important but positive change to The Campus. Beginning with the next issue, Features will no longer be a weekly section.

This decision is not a reflection of the Features team’s work this year. The Features team has been particularly strong despite what we believe is a flaw in how this paper has approached features (lowercase f) in the past. A feature, by definition, is an article that is deeply researched and reported over a long period of time. In other words, it is the opposite of a regular section responsible for reporting several stories a week.

Rather than ask one section to produce long-form investigative journalism in addition to weekly coverage, we have decided to change the architecture of the paper to accommodate both.

As the editors continue to improve this paper, we want to focus on quality over quantity. We believe that dedicating resources and time to features will lead to better, more impactful stories. After input from current and past editors, both here and abroad, we are confident that this is the right decision.

I also want to notify people of a recent change to the opinion pages. We have hired four new editors dedicated solely to working on reader op-eds. This frees up some of our editors to focus on writing the weekly editorial. It also means the paper has the resources to handle more submissions from you, our readers. To submit an op-ed, please email

Should any member of campus have any questions, or ideas for features you would like to see, feel free to send an email our way: