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Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023

Open Letter to President Patton

Dear Dr. Patton:

We write to protest the Middlebury administration’s punitive response to students involved in the events surrounding the Charles Murray lecture on March 2, 2017. Middlebury students have reported being placed on probation and having disciplinary letters added to their files for protesting both the lecture and also the fact that the college gave its imprimatur to the event by having faculty and administration introduce and preside over it. 

Additionally, we are concerned that the administration has taken or plans to take other more serious disciplinary actions. As academics who value maintaining college campuses as spaces that encourage critical thinking and that serve as welcoming and democratic spaces for all, we write in support of these students. We exhort you to proceed with a keen sense of their well-being, and their right to participate in protests for social justice, in a long tradition that includes Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Charles Murray is a widely discredited scholar who masks racist ideas under a veneer of respectability. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Murray as a “white nationalist” who is fond of “using racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the black and Latino communities, women and the poor.” A well-known provocateur, he has a long history of coming to college campuses to create turmoil and foment hatred. Because his dangerous ideas are so well known, 450 Middlebury alumni signed an open letter, published in the student paper the day prior to his lecture, protesting the event.

Alumni described his invitation to campus not as “an educational opportunity, but a threat.” We join these alumni in their dismay. Indeed, our own is compounded by the fact that the administration disregarded alumni, some faculty members’, and students’ clear message that Murray’s appearance was not an occasion for dialogue and free speech, but for fanning the flames of racism during a tense time in the United States, when hate crimes are on the rise.

We are aware that the protesting students, many of whom are now being disciplined by the college, possibly acted in contravention of college rules. We are also aware of the different reports of what happened after the lecture as Murray and Middlebury faculty member Allison Stanger were departing the hall. Competing versions of what transpired at the protests exist--whether any violence that might have occurred was accidental or deliberate; whether it was initiated by students, security, or other parties.

This uncertainty does not negate basic facts—students have a right to reasonable protest; and protest by its very nature is a challenge to an authority that refuses to listen.

We believe the administration must take responsibility for what ensued during Murray’s visit, which was sorely mishandled. In his thoughtful public apology to colleagues and the Middlebury community, especially people of color, Prof. Bert Johnson, the Chair of the Political Science Department, recognized mistakes in his decision-making and expressed regret that his agreement to co-sponsor the Murray lecture “contributed to a feeling of voicelessness that many already experience on this campus.” We note that to date the administration has issued no such apology to those at Middlebury adversely affected by Murray’s college-sanctioned visit, even as an apology has been tendered to Charles Murray and Allison Stanger.

As Prof. Johnson’s words suggest, the responsibility for what happened at Middlebury cannot be placed exclusively or even primarily on the shoulders of students who are now being disciplined. The administration, faculty and other members of the college community who invited, enabled, and formally welcomed so dangerous a figure as Murray in full knowledge of his history bear responsibility, as does the Middlebury administration for then overriding objections leading up to his lecture, and disrespecting students’, faculty, and alumni concerns.

Dr. Patton, we ask you to consider this: when Charles Murray was in high school, indeed only a couple of years younger than the Middlebury students being disciplined, and as the Civil Rights Movement was getting underway, he burned a cross, and then claimed not to know the true meaning of his action (NYT). The scholarship he has since produced continues to breed hate and prejudice. Why would Middlebury choose to enable such a man, and the specious “scholarship” and narratives he propagates, rather than nurture the spirit of students who stand against racism?

To punish students and to defend Murray is to degrade the meaning of academic freedom and free speech. Instead, we hope that you might make of this occasion one that can foster critical thinking and reflection in an environment that is safe for all students and members of the Middlebury community, including those who are the most vulnerable. Rather than disciplining students in ways that might prove permanently damaging, we urge you to take this an opportunity for learning, not just for the students but, indeed, for the whole college community.





  1. Cynthia Franklin, University of Hawai'i


  1. David Palumbo-Liu, Stanford U


  1. David Lloyd, University of California, Riverside


  1. Neferti Tadiar, Barnard College, Columbia University


  1. Ebony Coletu, Pennsylvania State University


  1. David Shorter, UCLA


  1. Naoko Shibusawa, Brown University


  1. Jean M. O'Brien, University of Minnesota


  1. Cheryl Naruse, University of Dayton


  1. Andrea Hairston, Smith College


  1. Yumna Siddiqi, Middlebury College


  1. Adam Miyashiro, Stockton University


  1. Kevin P. Murphy, University of Minnesota


  1. Timothy J. Reiss, Professor Emeritus, New York University


  1. Darwin Tsen, Penn State


  1. Ian Balfour, York University


  1. Bill V. Mullen Purdue University


  1. Salah D. Hassan, Michigan State University


  1. Laura Lyons, University of Hawai'i


  1. Dr. Aaron Hostetter, Rutgers University-Camden


  1. Aren Aizura, University of Minnesota


  1. Yogita Goyal, UCLA


  1. Sony Coranez Bolton, Middlebury College


  1. Maria Bates, Pierce College


  1. Anthony Alessandrini, City University of New York


  1. Jacqueline Shea Murphy, UC Riverside, Associate Professor


  1. Jesse Knutson University of Hawaii, Mānoa


  1. Lisa Kahaleole Hall, Wells College


  1. Jih-Fei Cheng, Assistant Professor of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Scripps College


  1. Hassan Melehy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  1. Shanté Paradigm Smalls, PhD, St. John's University


  1. Karma R. Chavez, Mexican American and Latina/o Studies, University of Texas at Austin


  1. Kevin Black, Boston University


  1. Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur, Rhode Island College


  1. Cynthia Wu, SUNY at Buffalo


  1. Alex Lubin, University of New Mexico


  1. Emily Raymundo '10, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Southern California


  1. Laila Farah, DePaul University


  1. Alvin L.J. Kim, UPenn


  1. Naomi Schiler, Brooklyn College, CUNY


  1. Lyndsie Schultz, Washington University in St. Louis


  1. Mimi Thi Nguyen, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


  1. Rei Terada, Professor of Comparative Literature, UC Irvine


  1. Rebecca E Karl, NYU, History


  1. Jigna Desai, Univ. of Minnesota


  1. Lara Langer Cohen, Swarthmore College


  1. Greta LaFleur, Yale University


  1. J. Kehaulani Kauanui, Wesleyan University


  1. Cathy Arellano, American River College


  1. Cristina Bacchilega, University of Hawai'i


  1. Lucas Klein, University of Hong Kong (Middlebury graduate, class of 2000)


  1. Lisa Moore, St. Olaf College


  1. Craig Willse, George Mason University


  1. Scott Anderson St. Olaf College


  1. Monica Zikpi, University of Oregon


  1. John David Zuern, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa


  1. Tom Sarmiento, Kansas State University


  1. Sunaina Maira, UC Davis


  1. Mari Yoshihara, University of Hawaii


  1. Paul Lyons, University of hawaii


  1. Rabab Abdulhadi, San Francisco State University


  1. Roy Perez, Willamette University


  1. Kimberly Drake, Scripps College


  1. Rachel Cloud


  1. Dr. Stephanie Han Hawaii Pacific University


  1. Hosam Aboul-Ela, University of Houston


  1. S. Shankar, University of Hawai‘i


  1. Dr. Rashmi Varma, University of Warwick, UK


  1. Zach Schwartz-Weinstein, Independent Scholar.


  1. S. Heijin Lee, New York University


  1. Elaine Freedgood, NYU


  1. Susana Loza, Hampshire College


  1. Fabio Lanza, university of Arizona


  1. Rebecca Hill, Kennesaw State University


  1. Shamita Das Dasgupta, Rtd. NYU Law School.


  1. Lisa Makman, University of Michigan


  1. Naomi Paik, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


  1. Poulomi Saha, UC-Berkeley


  1. Oscar V. Campomanes, Ateneo de Manila, Philippines


  1. Bret Benjamin, Associate Professor, University at Albany SUNY


  1. David Zellmer, LMSW, University of Michigan


  1. Timothy Brennan, University of Minnesota


  1. Moustafa Bayoumi, CUNY Brooklyn College


  1. Dawn Kaczmar, PhD Candidate in English at University of Michigan


  1. Andrew Urban, Rutgers University


  1. Masumi Hayashi-Smith, Holy Names University


  1. Kristina Johansson


  1. Peggy Luhrs, Institute for Social Ecology


  1. Jordan Alexander Stein, Fordham University


  1. Anson Koch-Rein, Grinnell College


  1. Sarah Melton, Boston College


  1. Willa Cowan-Essig, SUNY


  1. Barbara Ofosu-Somuah


  1. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Professor (previously Yale, now Bethlehem)


  1. Nalini Iyer, Seattle University


  1. Miranda Joseph, University of Arizona


  1. Andrew Paul Gutierrez, Emeritus Professor, UC Berkeley


  1. Dr. Hatem Bazian, UC Berkeley


  1. John Rieder, University of Hawaii at Manoa


100. Anu Biswas, Middlebury College class of 2016


101. Monisha Das Gupta, University of Hawaii at Manoa


102. Todd Essig, Ph.D., William Alanson White Institute


103. S. Charusheela, University of Washington, Bothell


104. Steven Salaita, American University of Beirut


105. Betty Joseph, Rice University


106. Barbara Foley, Rutgers University-Newark


107. Anushiya Ramaswamy, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


108. Piya Chatterjee, Scripps College


109. Leora Mosman, Student - Saint Mary's College of California


110. Tamara Vatnick, Middlebury College '07


111. Sonora Jha, Seattle University


112. Ketu H Katrak University of California, Irvine


113. Bonnie Zare, University of Wyoming


114. Ioana Luca, NTNU


115. Sarita See, U of California Riverside


116. Dr. Iokepa Casumbal-Salazar, UCLA


117. Richard Cullen Rath, University of Hawaiʿi at Mānoa


118. Jordy Rosenberg University of Massachusetts


119. Yi-Chun Tricia Lin, Southern Connecticut State University


120. P J Thomas , S B College , M G University, Kerala India


121. Heidi Howkins Lockwood, Yale PhD '09, SCSU faculty


122. Lisa King, University of Tennessee


123. Colin Dayan, Vanderbilt University


124. Kate Beutner, U of Hawaii


125. Hayle Meyerhoff, Haverford College


126. Julia Pike, Amherst College


127. Kelley Baumann, Amherst College


128. Bobby Shogren, Amherst College


129. Elizabeth Dunn, Middlebury College


130. Esperanza Chairez, Amherst College


131. Bryan Doniger, Amherst College


132. Phoebe Chatfield, Yale University


133. Rachel Cohen, Amherst College


134. Peggy K. Takahashi, University of San Francisco


135. Estelle Lopez, Southern Connecticut State University


136. Charlotte Rosen, Northwestern University


137. Anthony Granite, NMSU


138. Molly Stuart, San Francisco State University


139. Kevin Walters


140. Michael Hisry, Borough of Manhattan Community College


141. Martin Man, Yale University


142. Emma Broder, Wesleyan University


143. Ann Heppermann, Sarah Lawrence College


144. Andrew Drinkwater, Amherst College


145. Karla Lorena Huaman Ruiz, St. Olaf College.


146. Margot Friedman, Skidmore College


147. Sarah Kate Murphy, Appalachian State University


148. Candace Fujikane, U of Hawai‘i


149. Samuel Dewees, Wesleyan University


150. Federico Sor, NYU Shanghai


151. MJ Engel, Columbia University


152. Graham Cairns, Columbia University


153. Lisa Henderson, University of Massachusetts Amherst


154. Kevin Gannon, Grand View University


155. Monica Barron, Truman State U


156. Christine Harker, Truman State U


157. Hannah Goodwin, UC Santa Barbara


158. Alice Jardine, Harvard U


159. Kenna Neitch, Texas Tech University


160. Fawzia Afzal-Khan, Montclair State University


161. Luis A. Ledesma, Contra Costa College


162. Jackie Weinstock, University of Vermont


163. Lauren Berlant, University of Chicago


164. Suzanna Walters, Northeastern University


165. Nancy Daley-Moore, Truman State University


166. Kanika Batra, Texas Tech University


167. McKenzie Campbell, Eastern Michigan University


168. Tina Escaja, University of Vermont


169. Dan DiPiero, Ohio State University


170. Carrie Baker, Smith College


171. Jane Chin Davidson, California State U of San Bernardino


172. Israel Cantu Silva, Professor, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico


173. Kavita Daiya, George Washington University


174. Serena Parekh, Northeastern University


175. Maree ReMalia, Middlebury College


176. Lindsay London, RN, UVM


177. Lauren Stuart Muller, City College of San Francisco (Middlebury MA 87)


Middlebury Alumni and Students, and beyond:


  1. Julianna Tschirhart, Middlebury College '11


  1. Nicholas Hodder-Hastorf, Middlebury College Alum


  1. Nathaniel W. Kerr, Middlebury College 2011


  1. Sandra Luo, Middlebury College '18


  1. Lucy Grinnan, Middlebury Class of 2019.5


  1. Alex Macmillan, Middlebury Class of 2015


  1. Ujjayan Siddharth, Middlebury College


  1. Anna Cerf, Middlebury College '18


  1. Meridith Carroll, Middlebury College '15


  1. David Chen, Middlebury '14


  1. Marissa Perez, Middlebury College class of 2016


  1. Pete Kerby-Miller, Middlebury College


  1. Nell Sather, Middlebury College


  1. Fiona Mohamed, Middlebury College


  1. Karl Lin, Middlebury College


  1. Tiffany Martinez, Middlebury college


  1. Michelle Kim, Middlebury College


  1. Stella Boye-Doe, Middlebury College


  1. Weston Uram, Middlebury


  1. Clara Sternberg, Middlebury College


  1. Moss Turpan, Middlebury College


  1. Jane Ames, Middlebury College


  1. Austin Kahn, Middlebury College


  1. Isabelle Shallcross, Middlebury College


  1. Jackson Frons, Middlebury College '16


  1. Maya Goldberg-Safir, Middlebury College alum '12.5


  1. Samantha Kaufman, Middlebury College


  1. Toren Hardee, Middlebury Class of 2011


  1. Angeline Rodriguez, Middlebury College


  1. Alexandria Jackman, Middlebury ' 14


  1. Maya Doig-Acuna, Middlebury College '16.5


  1. Aashna Aggarwal, Middlebury College '16


  1. Nic Valenti, Middlebury College


  1. Patrick McElravey, Middlebury College


  1. Rebecca Coates-Finke, Middlebury College alum


  1. Jiya Pandya, UWC and Middlebury College


  1. Nick Delehanty, Middlebury College


  1. Klaudia Wojciechowska, Middlebury College


  1. E. Emmons Hahn, Middlebury College ('10) and Cornell University ('14)


  1. Sydney Shuster, Middlebury College


  1. Emily Rosenkrantz, Middlebury College


  1. Barrett Smith, Middlebury College Class of 2013


  1. Taylor Cook, Middlebury College


  1. Juliette Gobin Middlebury College '16


  1. Katie Corrigan, Middlebury College


  1. Hannah Blair, Middlebury College '17


  1. Molly McShane


  1. Samantha Lamont, Middlebury College class of '17


  1. Erin Reid, Middlebury College '17


  1. James Scott, Middlebury ‘19


  1. Toni Cross, Middlebury College


  1. Kate McCreary, Middlebury College


  1. Elizabeth Lee, Middlebury College '17


  1. Taite Shomo, Middlebury College


  1. Feliz Baca, Middlebury College '14, University of Arizona


  1. Lucia Christensen, Middlebury 2016


  1. Zachary Lounsbury, Middlebury College '16


  1. Anahi Naranjo, Middlebury College


  1. Jake Guth, Middlebury College '19


  1. Sarah Thomas, Class of '14


  1. Josh Brosnan


  1. Gaby Giangola, Wesleyan University


  1. Ameya Biradavolu, Middlebury College '16


  1. Lily Heinemann, Temple University


  1. Katie Preston Middlebury College


  1. Gabriella Reynoso, Columbia University


  1. Tessa Peierls, Amherst College


  1. Clara Beccaro, Columbia University


  1. Alexis De La Rosa, Middlebury College


  1. Dale Aram Tassbihi, University of Maryland, College Park


  1. Dylan Otterbein, Middlebury '15.5


  1. Hannah Phelps, Middlebury College


  1. Anna Paritsky, Middlebury College


  1. James Webster, Stanford University '73


  1. Cecilia NÃoñez, Universidad de Buenos Aires


  1. Aaliyah Triumph, Columbia University


  1. Tim Hansen, Middlebury College


  1. Jack Tipper, Middlebury College


  1. Julia Deng, Brown University


  1. Pat Burke, Retired Military


  1. Lee Schlenker (Middlebury '16)


  1. Bri Aine, Claremont Colleges


  1. Chris Feeney, Middlebury College


  1. Gabe Weisbuch, Middlebury College class of 2018


  1. Sparkle Joyner- Middlebury '12


  1. Kate Murray, Middlebury College '15


  1. Toni Cuevas, Middlebury College


  1. Pedro Bitar


  1. Hannah Muellerleile, Reed College


  1. Adina Marx-ARpadi, Middlebury College '13.5


  1. Jada Young, Columbia University


  1. Milo Levine, Yale University


  1. Kate McCreary, Middlebury College '15


  1. Joshua Claxton, Middlebury College


  1. Crystal Farkaschek, Middlebury College


  1. Samuel Boudreau, Middlebury College


  1. Sam Koplinka-Loehr, Middlebury College '13


  1. Firas Nasr, Middlebury College, '15


  1. Parker Ziegler, Middlebury College


100. Abigail Escobar, Middlebury College '20


101. Diana Luna, Middlebury College class of 2016


102. Andrew Bridgers, Middlebury College


103. Odessa Cross, University of California Santa Cruz


104. Addis Fouche-Channer, Middlebury College


105. Chelsea Melone, Middlebury College


106. Shahruz Ghaemi, Amherst College '19


107. Krysta Wetzel, St. Olaf College


108. Kai Wiggins, Middlebury College '16.5


109. Tia Schaffer, St. Olaf College


110. Kylee Novak, St. Olaf College


111. Rachel Hemond, student at Middlebury College


112. Margaret Lindon, Middlebury College class of 2016


113. Danielle Davis, St. Olaf College


114. Ashley Smith, St. Olaf


115. Ladji Mouflet, Middlebury College


116. Zachary Lounsbury, Middlebury College Class of 2016


117. John Percival, St. Olaf College


118. Eliza Klein, Williams College


119. James Moser, Middlebury College class of 2016.5


120. Rachel Bradshaw, Linfield College


121. Canary Ly, Middlebury College


122. Jessica Joslin, University of Michigan


123. Robin Murray, Circle in the Square Theatre School


124. Addie Mahdavi, Middlebury College Student


125. Alyssa Brown, Middlebury College


126. Israel A Mora, Middlebury College


127. Nitya Mankad, Middlebury College


128. Natalie Jamerson, Whitman College


129. Leena Chawla, Middlebury College


130. Kolbe Franklin '08, University at Albany-SUNY


131. Danielle Surrette Middlebury College


132. Sarah Goodwin, Skidmore College


133. Margaret Rose-McCandlish, Middlebury College 17.5


134. Bess Hepner, Smith College alumni


135. Ana Vega, University of Delaware


136. Rebecca Duras, Middlebury College


137. Ben Simonds-Malamud, Northeastern University


138. Tom Dobrow, Middlebury College class of 2016


139. Zoe Ravina, Emory University


140. Tiff Chang, ex-student at Middlebury College


141. Morgan Mahdavi, Kalamazoo College


142. Rui Tai Hu, Middlebury College '16


143. Ixchel LÃ3pez, Wellesley College


144. Sean Edenson, Temple University


145. Jessica Masinter, Middlebury Student


146. Natalie Brottman, St. Olaf College


147. Emily Johnston, Wellesley College


148. Jasmine Ross, Middlebury College Class of 2016


149. Dylan Walker, St. Olaf College '18


150. Monica Tamayo, California State University Los Angeles


151. Stephen Chen, Middlebury College


152. Becca Holdhusen, Middlebury College


153. Javier Miranda, Iowa State University


154. Alexis Rufi, St. Olaf College


155. Jocelyn Tenorio, Middlebury College '19


156. Ellie Simon, Middlebury College


157. John Cheesman, Middlebury '16


158. Caley Henderson, Middlebury College


159. Jonathan O'Dell, Middlebury College


160. Alaire Hughey, Linfield College


161. Lynn Travnikova, Middlebury College


162. Juan Andrade-Vera, Middlebury College '19


163. Hannah Rae Murphy, Middlebury College '14.5


164. Erin Davis, Weybridge, VT


165. Hannah Helmey, Emory University


166. Marbella Cervantes- UIC


167. Elizabeth Aguilar, University of Central Florida


168. Tara Maloney, St. Olaf College


169. Amber Scott, Claremont McKenna College


170. Alexander Bacchus, Middlebury College


171. Thea Lund, St. Olaf College


172. Phoebe Gunther-Mohr, University of Vermont


173. Emmanuel Choi, Berklee College of Music


174. Emmet Mahdavi, Bard College


175. Erika Lin, University of California Santa Cruz


176. Anwyn Darrow, University of Vermont


177. Shaheen Bharwani, Middlebury College


178. Sophie Swallow, Middlebury College


179. Giannina Gaspero-Beckstrom, UVM


180. Molly Rose-Williams, Middlebury College


181. Yael Platt, Brandeis University


182. Georgiann Steely, St. Olaf College


183. Aoife Duna, Middlebury College


184. Ruby Edlin, Middlebury College


185. Ahmara Smith, Savannah college of art and design


186. Kyle J. Wright, Middlebury College '19


187. Kaitlyn Francis, Middlebury College


188. Arleigh Truesdale, St. Olaf College


189. Charlotte Cahillane, Middlebury College


190. Vang Thao, St Olaf College


191. Lilia Escobar, St. Olaf College


192. Graham Glennon, St. Olaf College


193. Alexis Finemyn


194. Rika Kimonaka, Northeastern University


195. Shannia Fu, Middlebury College


196. Greyson Gove, Pomona College


197. Rick Hong Manayan, Wesleyan University


198. Kayla Carlson, St. Olaf College


199. Ján Tompkins, Anglo-American University, Prague


200. Catherine Stookey, St. Olaf College


201. Maya Peers Nitzberg, Middlebury College '16.5


202. Nina Sweeney, Middlebury College


203. Brenda Quintanilla, Loyola Marymount University '19


204. Katherine Novey, Middlebury College, '20


205. Magen Eissenstat (Rice University '17)


206. Alex Brockelman, Middlebury College '18


207. Luke Rein, College of Charleston


208. Emma Walker, Middlebury College '18


209. Katie Willis, Middlebury College '12


210. Rose Hoffman, Bennington College '20


211. Carley Tsiames, Amherst College


212. Hannah Habermann, Middlebury '18


213. Genevieve Darling, Hamilton College '18


214. Gillian Durkee, Middlebury College '11.5


215. Lily Oyler, Middlebury College alum ('15.5)


216. Joanna Georgakas, Middlebury College '14


217. Maddie Dai, Middlebury College '14


218. Avery Travis, Middlebury College '18


219. Dokter Snus, Middlebury College '13


220. Hana Gebremariam, Middlebury College '17


221. Sandra Markowitz, Middlebury College '15.5


222. Paige Guarino, Middlebury '18.5


223. Kim Ammons, Middlebury College '11


224. Thomas Brummett Cranbrook Acadamy of Art MFA 1983


225. Surya Tubach, Middlebury College


226. Devon Tomasi, Middlebury College '17


227. Michael Wegter, St. Olaf college '18


228. Caroline Carty, Carleton College '20


229. Audrey Tolbert, Middlebury College '13


230. Morgan Gorst, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


231. Samantha Gaines, Middlebury College


232. Prasanna Vankina, Middlebury College '18


233. Jason Milan


234. Gabriel Coleman, St. Olaf College '17


235. Zach Howe, Middlebury College '11


236. Kiana Cateriano, Middlebury College class of 2015.5


237. Amity Calvin, Middlebury College '16


238. Sofi Hecht, Middlebury College '18


239. Cora Kircher, Middlebury College class of 2020


240. Therese Ton, Swarthmore College '19


241. Curtis Mraz, University of Puget Sound '18


242. Jeremy Alben, Middlebury College '18


243. Rebecca Berry, Middlebury College, '16.5


244. James Kipp, Middlebury College


245. Sara Swett Middlebury College 2017


246. Alexandra Bertagnolli King, Middlebury College class of 2010


247. Lewis Nottonson, Middlebury College '19


248. Diana Luna, Middlebury College '16


249. Jan Shireman, parent of Alumni


250. Emily Cipriani Middlebury College '19.5


251. Bianca Howell, Yale University


252. Sasha Rivera, Middlebury '12


253. Sumner Pitt, Saint Olaf College '19


254. Shan Zeng, Middlebury College '19


255. Emily Newman, St. Olaf College '17


256. Sam Catlin, The University of Chicago, Middlebury College '14.5


257. Sabrina Munsterteiger, University of Minnesota


258. Victoria Burns, University of Iowa


259. Cara Levine, Middlebury College '20


260. Emma Webster, Bard College '17


261. Octavio Hingle-Webster, Middlebury Class of '17


262. Ann Surber, Wesleyan University


263. James Wheeler, St. Olaf College


264. Angie Bush, University of Utah '09


265. Alexandra Griffin, Williams College '19


266. Naomi Chalk, St. Olaf College '18


267. Kjersti Anderson, St. Olaf College '17


268. Adilene Alvarado Saint Mary's College of California


269. James Scott, Middlebury College '19


270. Liam Hannan, St Olaf College '18


271. James Scott, Middlebury College '19


272. Maree ReMalia, Middlebury College


273. Silvia Cantu Bautista, Middlebury College '20


274. Irene Henry, St. Olaf College


275. Lucy Jermyn, Massachusetts College of Art and Design


276. Sam Snyder, Middlebury College '17


277. Sharai Lewis-Gruss, Middlebury College '07


278. Kristina Butler, St. Olaf College '17


279. Pearl McAndrews, St. Olaf College


280. Terri Strassburger, Syracuse U


281. Jared Smith, Middlebury College '13


282. Phoebe Martel


283. Justin Martinez, St. Olaf College '20


284. Jackie Park


285. Lucy Nussbaum, Middlebury College '19


286. Fraser Query


287. Zubair Khan, UMD '19


288. Emma Urbaska, University of Vermont '21


289. Tarik Shahzad, Middlebury College Class of '20


290. Kjersa Anderson, St. Olaf College '18


291. Jenna Haywood, University of California Santa Cruz


292. Maggy Mulhern, Middlebury College '17


293. Allegra Molkenthin, Middlebury College


294. Julie White, Prescott College '16


295. Olivia Collens, Middlebury College '18


296. Nathan Rose, Middlebury College '18.5


297. Allie Aiello, Middlebury College '17


298. Lucy Nussbaum, Middlebury College '19


299. Amitai Ben-Abba, Middlebury College '15


300. Julia Beck, Middlebury College


301. Lorena Neira, Middlebury College '17


302. Sarah Willstein, St. Olaf College '19


303. Denise Hingle, parent of Middlebury Student


304. Demetrius Brown, St. Olaf


305. Camille Ross-Williams, Concordia University '20


306. Mercy Garriga, St Olaf College, '18


307. Kashka Kril-Atkins, University of Toronto


308. Kathleen Wilson, Middlebury College '18.5


309. Emily Cox, Middlebury College '17


310. Georgia Grace Edwards, Middlebury College '18


311. Grace Murtha-Paradis


312. Dillon Cathro, St. Olaf College


313. Jessica Dils, Parent, Middlebury College


314. Isabela Torres, Amherst College '19


315. Brittany Kembel, St. Olaf College, ‘16


316. Efren Ramirez Jr., VP of CUBe, St. Olaf '18


317. Josh Schneider, Co-Director, Cascadia Action Network


318. Asha Rao, Co-Director, Cascadia Action Network


319. Jennifer Crandall, Middlebury College


320. Alyne Goncalves, Middlebury College


321. Paola Reyes, Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán


322. Emily Butka, St. Olaf College