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Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Masha Makutonina '21 in Odessa, Ukraine

Masha Makutonina ’21

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Submitted March 28, 2020

MASHA MAKUTONINA A view from a block of flats in the urban Ukrainian city of Odessa. Children are still playing outside despite the laws forbidding social interaction. This is the closest they can get to being in a park these days in this town.

Unfortunately, my study-abroad year in Paris has come to an end earlier than I could ever imagine. I had to leave my new home-away-from-home in one weekend and say goodbye to French friends and my host family with no idea of when or if we would see each other again. Luckily, I had a home in Ukraine to return to, where I am self-quarantining now.

Every other night I can't help but come back to the streets and places I used to see every day. Ukraine has not so many cases at this point but all public places have been closed and the hospitals are already struggling to even test for the virus. At this time I hope wherever you are, you are with loved ones. It makes it so much easier.

What has been your greatest worry or day-to-day concern as coronavirus has spread?

If after coming from Paris I would spread the virus to my parents and anyone else through them. Taking all necessary self-isolating measures and watching Netflix helped.

What has made you happy over the past few weeks?

Zooming friends, creating dance routines, eating home-cooked food and lots of exercise.