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Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Daniel Tétreault '20 in Gifford Hall, Middlebury, Vermont

Daniel Tétreault ’20

Location: On campus, in Gifford Hall

Submitted April 17, 2020

“A Very MiddKid Quarantine (pt. 1): Burnout (I)"

I have not engaged in face-to-face contact since the college asked me to discontinue my trips into town to visit some friends who were also quarantining. Additionally, wandering the empty campus with a mask on to try and maintain daily exercise has led to seeing the ghosts of faces that used to populate Midd. I started drawing and painting these faces, all MiddKids, in various artistic expressions of quarantine. I hope that they convey a sense of what I (and perhaps the artworks' subjects) am feeling to other students who find themselves similarly isolated.

What has been your greatest worry or day-to-day concern as coronavirus has spread?

I pray every day that those whom I love yet to whom I am not physically proximal will abide by the rules of quarantine and preserve their health, even in the absence of my nagging.

What has made you happy over the past few weeks?

Finding more time to paint or draw my feelings out has been the most meaningful, supportive step in weathering this solitary confinement.