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Monday, Dec 11, 2023


We want to extend our gratitude to several individuals whose input, advice and help were critical in making this edition a success.

Special thanks to Director of Assessment and Institutional Research Adela Langrock for providing crucial insight during the survey creation process and suggesting auxiliary resources. We would also like to thank Professor Shawna Shapiro, Professor Robert Moeller, and Professor Lyford who advised us in the content and methods of creating the survey and conducting the analysis. In addition, we would like to thank Professor Michael Sheridan for reviewing and giving us feedback on our consent form and best practices.

This project was also made possible by the input and support of Dean of Students Baishakhi Taylor. We would like to express our gratitude for Executive Director of Food Operations Dan Detora for generously supporting the project by providing declining balance. We would like to thank Interim Associate Dean of Student Activities and Orientation Amanda Reinhardt for assisting us with financial logistics.

Director of Health and Wellness Barbara McCall’s suggestions and input were critical in forming survey questions regarding mental, sexual and physical health at Middlebury. Our sincere thanks go to Grace Vedock ’20 and Taite Shomo ’20.5 who helped shape and give context to our questions regarding sexual assault.

We would also like to thank Community Council Co-Chair John Gosselin ’20 for his continued support of this project.

We also want to express our appreciation for our leadership team, Will DiGravio ’19, Nick Garber ’19 and Rebecca Walker ’19, who have enthusiastically supported and contributed to this project.

Finally, this project would not have been possible without readers like you. We hope that you will continue to support Zeitgeist.