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Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021

Florence Wu

Local Editor

Florence Wu '22 is a local editor specializing in  photojournalism. In the past, she covered environmental and community  issues in Vermont for the local section. She is an International  Politics and Economics major. Outside of class, she enjoys photography  as a way of connecting with others. This year, she will be developing a  photojournalism project which focuses on the lives of workers at the  college and town of Middlebury.

Feel free to contact her for photo story ideas and pitches, regardless of whether you have written for the Campus before.


A walking tour of the Middlebury Bridge & Rail Project

If you’re walking around the concrete of the new Triangle Park in downtown Middlebury, look down at the ground. You’ll be able to see two parallel diagonal lines on the sidewalk that reflect the shape of the new rail tunnel directly below.Last Wednesday, Bridge and Rail Project Community Liaison ...


Barbara Harding: I Bought A Bookstore and Quit My Job

Otter Creek Used Books looks and smells exactly like what one would expect of a secondhand bookstore in rural Vermont. Hidden behind the main highway that cuts through the town, the store had a sign that announced the weekday hours and a cheeky “Sundays by chance.” Next door, a deli played jovial ...


Honey and Harvest at the Knoll

For me, the solar panels mark the threshold between the campus and the Knoll, Middlebury’s organic farm. It’s the toll gate cutting off the retreat from the midterm craze. I walk past the dark, orderly panels and set my mind off of academics for the next few hours.  During harvest season, you ...


Songs from Dusk

I did not know what to expect when I waited for George in front of Mead Memorial Chapel at 5:30 p.m. I have only heard the instrument from afar. When the sun falls behind the trees and paints the late summer sky pink and blue, then, you hear the bells, opening with the same tune every day. The 75-step ...


Other Side of the Line: Proctor Revisited

Most of the campus dreams on with a few more hours of sleep to spare at 6 a.m. But in Proctor dining hall, the kitchen is up and running. I was told to come in through the backdoor, where Wayne, the truck driver, was busy moving boxes of food supplies. Most staff did not know me but greeted me with ...

The Setonian

Addison County leads the state in vaccination rate

Addison County is the leading county in the leading state for Covid-19 vaccination rates, with 81% of people having received their first dose of the vaccine in Addison County. In Vermont,  71.8% of the population has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, according to data from the Centers ...


Reel Critic: ‘Malcolm & Marie’

“Malcolm & Marie” should have been applauded for its insightful commentary on power and relationships, but the film falls victim to the trend of diversity box-checking in Hollywood.  At its core, “Malcolm & Marie” is about the breakdown of relationships — a timely release made more ...

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