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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2021


The Setonian

Anti-racism is not just a trend

"As the summer carries on, it’s inevitable that the news cycles will change. But this is not a passing moment. It is and should be a turning point. To look away now would be to perpetuate centuries of systemic violence, to further marginalize our nation’s most vulnerable."

The Setonian

In regard to Riddim’s history: Give it back

"It is an expectation that groups will evolve over time," wrote Niyafa Boucher '22. "However, the evolution of Riddim continues a larger societal trend of White people co-opting and erasing the humanity of people of color."

The Setonian

Employees endorse remote fall for safety

We know and appreciate that the administration has worked tirelessly to assess various situations and balance many factors, both known and unknown. However, we believe that bringing back a significant number of students to campus risks a devastating health crisis, and thus there is only one path forward ...

The Setonian

Right now in America

Right now in America, we all are witnesses to the horrific murder of George Floyd, one tragic event in an irrefutable pattern of systemic abuse of power enacted along racial lines that has gone unchecked and unaccountable in this country for a long time.


Notes from the desk: A roadmap for the summer

"Trying times call for trying new measures," writes Editor in Chief Bochu Ding '21. "As we all embark on an 'unprecedented' summer, we at The Campus are looking forward to navigating these uncharted territories alongside you."

The Setonian

Welcome to the neoliberal arts

Two weeks ago, we witnessed the faculty vote to maintain the opt-in credit/no credit grading system for this semester. The vote proved that even in a time of crisis, Middlebury College continues to conduct itself in a neoliberal manner, emphasizing “financial-sustainability” over the well-being ...

The Setonian

Midd’s Instagram folly is not an anomaly

Middlebury’s official Instagram account recently shared a photo of me protesting an invited lecture from the racist pseudoscientist Charles Murray in 2017, accompanied by the caption “At Middlebury, we don’t just talk about social justice; we also act on it.” The caption did not mention how ...

The Setonian

To The Campus: Thank you

In times of either crisis or laziness, it’s easy to fall back on cliches. I try and avoid them, but sometimes they apply perfectly, and one I’ve been using lately is “punching above your weight class.” Thanks to Covid-19, I’ve seen example after example of this from across the Middlebury community. ...

The Setonian

Reflecting on Ramadan at Middlebury

As with pretty much every other aspect of life, Ramadan celebrations in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic have changed significantly. In many cultures, Ramadan has typically been characterized by the unity of the “ummah” (community), as everyone bonds over shared experiences. In this holy month, ...