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Monday, Jun 24, 2024



Pro worker? Show it better

Two weeks ago, in our second staff issue, we editorialized on the apparent disconnect between staff and students, calling upon the latter to use their status as patrons of this institution to rally on behalf of those making barely livable wages. On Thursday, our community woke up to multiple instances ...


A letter to the class of 2021.5

Dear Class of 2021.5, Middlebury has taught me a lot. After attending this elite liberal arts academic institution for eight semesters over four and a half years, I sure hope I’m smarter than when I started, and that you are all, too. 



When we left our little apartment—located in a beautiful corner of Polytechnic University in Kabul—to the airport, my little sister wrote, “As I write, I miss our beautiful home. I miss the tableau on the wall, the decorated candles, the clock, and all those Eid days and Yalda nights that will ...

The Setonian

Two years in: reflecting on post-pandemic

In the past two years, we’ve gone through a period of both collective, mass-scale loss but also individual experiences of grief. Yes, we’re “all in this together” — but we’ve also all encountered vastly different versions of the pandemic, from the initial quarantine to the return to school ...


Why a(nother) staff issue?

In January 2019, we published our first staff issue. It detailed the impact of workforce planning — a concerted administrative effort to reduce employee compensation costs by 10% — on the staff of the college. Three years (and one global pandemic) later, we again find ourselves inamidst a critical ...

Outside Davis-- Daleelah Saleh.jpg

What Would You Do in Our Place?

I’m one of the lucky ones who have some support. My immediate boss is awesome, as is hers. Still, every time I take time off I wonder: who has to suffer for it? Who’s going to have to do my work on top of their own while I’m away?

Inside Davis- Daleelah Saleh.jpeg

Circulation in the Time of Covid-19

Once it became clear that the two-week quarantine was going to extend just a bit longer than originally imagined, Circulation staff at Davis and Armstrong Libraries realized that they needed to come up with a plan to keep offering library services to patrons.

The Setonian

Time to take notice

It’s far past time to recognize Middlebury’s staff for who they are — the people who make it possible for us to be here in the first place. The recent results of the staff council survey display a staggering level of dissatisfaction among Middlebury employees, relating to rampant understaffing, ...

rebranding feb identity by daleelah saleh.jpg

It’s time to rethink the Feb identity

The class of 2021.5 graduation marked the first Feb graduation where the original Febs were in the minority but it may not be the last. Ultimately, many of us find ourselves graduating with a “.5” at the end of our class year despite our initial plans. It’s high time we abandon the stereotype ...


Welcome Baby Febs: Navigating Normal Together

As a board, we have a somewhat informal tradition of kicking off the semester by welcoming the newest students to campus — whether through offering advice during a Covid-19 semester, for example, or making recommendations for bridging the Feb-reg divide. This year, however, we recognize that first-year ...

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In Support of Senate Bill S.148

I am writing on behalf of Sunrise Middlebury, a chapter of the national Sunrise Movement youth climate activist group. We would like to express our support for Senate bill S.148, an act relating to environmental justice in Vermont.


Healthy Relationship Action Month: What is it?

Corresponding with Valentine’s Day, February is Healthy Relationship Action Month. It is meant to encourage a focus on creating caring connections that help to foster positive mental and physical health. 

Febs and other winter celebrations by Daleelah Saleh.jpg

On Febs and other mid-winter celebrations

This week, four years ago, I took my first steps as a Middlebury student. My dean told me, the first of many times, that new Febs bring new energy to campus just when it’s needed most. I was eager to see if this was true.


Nuancing Consent

We need to start framing these conversations with more nuance, acknowledging the gray areas that are intrinsic to consent, especially on college campuses.