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Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023



Act 164 may bring retail cannabis to Middlebury

Town residents will determine this coming week if retail cannabis stores can open in Middlebury. The provision on the March 3 ballot is part of a comprehensive regulatory cannabis bill that passed the Vermont Senate in October 2020 and would allow towns to opt-in to permitting cannabis stores within ...


The Giving Fridge: Buy a plant, give a meal

The Giving Fridge, a plant-filled storefront occupying a once-vacant spot in downtown Middlebury, offers a unique pop-up initiative that allows customers to support local restaurants, combat food security and buy plants — all in one convenient location. 


Covid-19 can’t squash Addison County farms

Fears about grocery shopping and meat shortages drove Addison County residents to avoid grocery stores, and many turned instead to local farms and businesses that would deliver produce and other foods to them.