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Monday, Jun 5, 2023



Q & A with Senator Ruth Hardy (D-Addison District) on Covid-19

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the landscape of life in Addison County and across the state of Vermont in the past few weeks. Middlebury College suspended in-person classes on March 10, and local businesses have been floundering following a March 24 state-issued “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. ...


Forgotten Farms at the Marquis highlights cracking US dairy industry

“Forgotten Farms” opens with a panoramic view of a green, picturesque landscape — the charming scenery that defines Vermont. Shown at The Marquis on Wednesday, March 8, the film then turns its spotlight to the dairy farmers who own and manage the majority of this land, juxtaposing these beautiful ...


For local kayakers, Otter Creek Falls is a gem hidden in plain sight

“Any kayaker who looks at the falls in Middlebury sees a perfect 15-foot waterfall, just begging to be run,” said Reed Hutton ’19.5. Like many advanced and passionate kayakers, Hutton sees Middlebury Falls as a rewarding challenge. The waterfall is known as an excellent and consistent spot for ...


Beloved Ferrisburgh camel, Ollie, dies at 17

Oliver “Ollie” the camel, for years an unlikely Route 7 celebrity and Vermont’s resident two-humped treasure, died on the evening of Feb. 21 at his farm in Ferrisburgh, Vt. He was 17 years old. Ollie, a seven-foot-tall, 1,500-lb Bactrian camel often described as a “ham for the camera,” prompted ...


School consolidation: how did we get here?

This is the second article in a series on school consolidation. Read the first article in that series here. Over the last three years, Middlebury and the surrounding towns have shifted from conversations about district consolidation to school mergers and closures. Act 46, the 2015 legislation that ...


College staff brace for summer road closures in town

The Middlebury Bridge and Rail Project, promising a passenger rail from Rutland to Burlington by 2021, will necessitate road closures on Merchants Row and Main Street between May 4 and Aug. 5. The town is currently working with Middlebury College administrators, in conjunction with the College’s 15-member ...


Count committee to aid Census Bureau for county-wide enumeration

The Campus reported last week that the college was collaborating with a local committee to ensure a complete headcount for the 2020 Census. The Middlebury/Addison Complete Count Committee, established last spring to directly aid the U.S. Census Bureau, is conducting similar efforts across all of Addison ...