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Friday, Dec 1, 2023


The Setonian

Change Has Consequences

With the start of every school year comes inevitable change as a new wave of students and faculty arrive, setting the tone for the coming year. This fall, however, the College is set up for even more momentous change than usual. With President Liebowitz and Dean Collado leaving at the end of the year ...

The Setonian

Does This Pass The Smell Test?

Have you ever wondered how the College makes its money? It seems straightforward: students in Middlebury and Monterey pay, the College provides education and the transaction is complete. What is missing is another revenue stream that we have recently added, which currently has the potential to either ...


A Real Sex Education

Sexual assault on college campuses is making headlines this month as Tufts was found noncompliant with Title IX and the Department of Education released a list of 55 schools currently under investigation, including Amherst, Harvard and Dartmouth. Though many of our peer schools are being investigated, ...


AAL is a No Brainer

If someone asked you if all six inhabited continents should be equally represented in our distribution requirements, what would you say? There is not much our editorial board agrees on, but on this point we agree. We would maybe distinguish North America, as it is the continent on which we reside, but ...


Vote No on Apathy

In this issue every year, the Editorial Board talks with all the candidates running for SGA President and endorses one. This year, however, for the first time in as long as we can remember, there is only one candidate: Taylor Custer. We fully support Taylor for President and encourage everyone to vote ...


Connecting the Dots with Career Services

Do you have plans this summer? This stressful question resounds across campus far beyond the signs posted by the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI). As students scramble to pull together summer plans, post-graduation plans and funding proposals, many engage with the CCI or their resources for ...


The Buck Stops Here

What does $60,000 mean to you? Perhaps a couple new cars, a good chunk of a house, an annual salary in tech or finance for a recent grad or the rounded comprehensive fee at Middlebury College. In 2009, colleges like Middlebury were cresting the $50,000 mark; now five years later, we are approaching ...


SAT Optional: The Correct Answer

With pricey tutors who teach you to game the system and a strong correlation between income  and higher scores (average score rises with every $20,000 of additional family income), the SAT is flawed, and its prestige is falling as the ACT and other options rise in popularity. This week, the College ...


An Easy Win for Athletics

You cannot use the word “faggot” and not mean it offensively. You cannot say “no homo” around your friends and say it doesn’t matter because none of you are gay. You cannot claim that because “some of your best friends are gay,” that you are an ally. Last Tuesday, Queers & Allies and ...


Harvard, Yale, Middlebury?

What pops into someone’s head when you tell them you go to Middlebury College? Languages? The price tag? Or have they never even heard of it? This past week Bill Burger, vice president of communications, pondered these questions when soliciting feedback from students, faculty and the board ...


No Honor (Code) Among Us

Self-proctored exams are one of the most visible manifestations of our honor code. Our professors hand out the exams, answer questions, and then retreat to their offices, coming back only occasionally to check in and make sure everything is ok. For the Economics department, this norm may be changing. ...


Don’t Swipe Dining Under the Rug

If before this issue of the Campus hit the stands, you were to walk up to a student in Proctor and ask them what they think about the new dining swipe system coming soon, most would look back at you puzzled. “What swipe system?” Here’s what we know. A swipe system will be implemented. This is ...


It Happens Here: It’s Time to Evolve

You cannot avoid them as you walk around campus. The black posters with white writing that reads, “It Happens Here” plaster every door in the Proctor entryway, line the glass on your way into Ross, sit on all the tables in Atwater and coat the walls of the mail center. Sexual assault survivors work ...


Six Headlines We Want to See in 2014

The New Year always provides an opportunity for reflection. While BuzzFeed is littered with lists looking back at “14 Animals who Melted your Heart in 2013” and “33 Times Joseph Gordon-Levitt Charmed your Pants Off in 2013,” we have decided to look forward to 2014, with these six headlines we ...

The Setonian

We Are Better Than This

Upon entering the room where Professor Amy Wax was scheduled to speak, the first thing many people noticed were brightly colored signs with a single word written on it: racist. Some students brought these signs in anticipation of a heated lecture, in part due to hype created both by middbeat and by ...

The Setonian

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Unpaid internships have become a nearly ubiquitous feature of the modern economy. For many students, they offer the opportunity to explore their field of interest before later attempting to find a paid job. While the prevalence of unpaid work opportunities creates a number of problems for those who ...

The Setonian

J-Term: A Winter Wonderland

As we once again gripe and groan about the inadequacy of BannerWeb, it’s easy to lose sight of other registration frustrations many students face as we choose how to spend the chilly month of January. Instead of enrolling beachside at some Southern Californian college or braving the hustle and bustle ...

The Setonian

Stop Hearing, Start Listening

In a classroom packed with people sitting on the windowsills, students, faculty and administrators gathered on Monday to engage in an honest dialogue unpacking the controversy surrounding Chance the Rapper’s performance Saturday night. This discussion, which has dominated campus debate for the past ...

The Setonian

Not a Chance

Earlier this semester, a Middlebury student found a note threatening violence and sexual assault against her on the basis of her sexual orientation taped to her door. Now, just weeks later, the College prepares to welcome Chance the Rapper, a musical artist who refers to himself as a “slap-happy faggot ...

The Setonian

What Does It Mean to be Green?

[audio m4a=""][/audio] To accompany the annual Green Issue, online editor STEPHANIE ROUSH asked the Campus' staff, "what does it mean to be green?" Listen to their thoughts above.