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Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Arts & Culture

The Setonian

A semester without Moth-Up

According to Moth-Up producer Rach Peck ’25, the show's sudden stop can be attributed to a perfect storm of producers going abroad, graduating — the organization’s longtime president, Elissa Asch ’22.5, graduated this past February — and remaining producers’ inability to take on a more significant ...


The Middlebury music explosion

Middlebury is home to a variety of distinct bands and solo artists. While bands may form on their own, many jump at new opportunities to make music with people they meet through the college’s ensembles, such as the Afropop Band, Jazz Workshop, the college choir and the college orchestra. For those ...


Buckle up for “Destroying Angels”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Cole Merrell ’21 wrote a play about three siblings navigating vastly different life circumstances who are brought together by a death in the family and — if that wasn’t enough — a long drive trying to escape a serial killer. Merrell was raised in the Church of Jesus ...

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4/20 Crossword

Here is this week's crossword! Solutions will be posted on Friday, April 21st at noon. Good luck!

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Beyond the page remimagines education in all departments

Beyond the Page (BtP) is an innovative learning collective affiliated with the college that has completed one of its many on-campus residencies, which have evolved and broadened over the years since the last time The Campus visited them. The organization was born from a teaching practice that began ...

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"A Woman Left Lonely": A tribute to Tennessee Williams

Victoria Keith’s ’23 senior thesis, “A Woman Left Lonely,” directed by Bri Beach ’23 and Sophie Butler-Rahman ’25, was an amalgamation of three Tennessee Williams plays: “This Property is Condemned,” “Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”  ...

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From the Archives: The history of the coronation and royal drama

“From the Archives” is an opportunity for various writers to visit the Middlebury Special Collections and write about a different artifact each week. The Special Collections boasts hundreds of thousands of historic items, and through this column we encourage writers to explore not only the college’s ...

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Radio Roundup: Tunes to help you reel in springtime!

Have your Spotify playlists become stale? Is your weekly mix just not cutting it? Maybe it’s time to branch out and listen to something new. The Executive Board of WRMC, Middlebury College’s radio station, has selected a wonderfully wide range of albums, spanning time and genre, for your listening ...

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Mandatory attendance: New Directions student show

As students, we all know that getting mass emails from the college can be frustrating. Another survey to fill out, an initiative that needs attention, a new administrative position being announced. Nevertheless, the email entitled “Mandatory Attendance” that was sent to hundreds of first-year students ...

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NER Out Loud makes a bold return after a three-year hiatus

NER Out Loud, a collaboration between the New England Review (NER), Oratory Now and the Mahaney Arts Center, returned on March 30 after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Students, faculty and community members gathered to watch Oratory Now students perform live readings from NER issues spanning ...

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Niche Reads: Books for environmental studies majors

If you struggle to find time for fun reading, this is the spot for you. Niche Reads recommends novels that relate to academic (or other) interests so that you can explore a new book while still feeling productive. Check back each week for more cool books.

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Dancing somewhere at the end of the world

Would you dance through the night in the apocalypse? What would it be like to eat your last tomato? Why would you bring kids into a world without adequate food and water? Could the end of days bring out the worst in you? These are just some of the questions posed by Marisela Treviño Orta’s “Somewhere,” ...


Theo Bleckmann and the Westerlies deliver the music of modern protest

Last week, Theo Bleckmann and The Westerlies were in residence in the Department of Music. Middlebury students passing through the halls may have heard horn sounds in unison emanating through the backstage of Robison Hall, where the esteemed German singer and brass quartet were rehearsing for their ...

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4/13 Crossword

Here is this week's crossword! Solutions will be posted on Friday, Apr 14 at noon. Good luck!


The senior spring bucket list and the college on the hill

The creation of a senior spring bucket list is an equally exciting and daunting task facing the students who will graduate this May. Whether it comes in the form of a mental to-do list or a printed poster hanging on a suite wall, we are all looking for a way to say goodbye.